Grrr automated letter I think? please help me understand this? TVF

  1. i recieved a request for a TVF in May as my university did my transcript wrong and did not even sign and seal it, I Recieved a copy of what was sent and had to go to the head of school to sort it. The transcript was re done by my head of school who stamped and sealed it correctly this time as the last time it was done by student support whom did it wrong. I phoned the CGFNS to ask if this was what they needed to which they replied yes! as they could only accept from my head of school. my case was reviewed however the BON required extra info , a yes / no tick box paper which was also done by my head of school and stamped and sealed . well today I get a notification which is strange as they are shut and were sut yesterday as well asking for the TVF? due to inactivity? can anyone please help me understand this! the whole process is just driving me insane. my head of school is away on holidays now and I dont know what to do?
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  3. by   kawaiibows
    Hi suzy! What exactly are they asking for? The TVF again?
  4. by   kawaiibows
    Have you applied to the BON?
  5. by   suzy12
    Quote from kawaiibows
    Hi suzy! What exactly are they asking for? The TVF again?
    I honestly don't know now? As i said i got sent that automated letter, however when i called them to clarify it , they said they were waiting for the "further info" which has bern sent back . But as you know they take 2 weeks to process mail, so still waiting! Have you heard any news yet
  6. by   suzy12
    Oh and yes i applied to michigan bon as was advised to as was told florida require a SS to sit the exam , then endorse in florida, but i applied to both states with CGFNS ,
  7. by   kawaiibows
    Hmmm interesting, I thought you could only apply with one state at a time? As for me I am in process and was told to apply to the BON but then I don't know how to go about the background check. I am confused as to where to mail the card, to the BON or Morphotrust?
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    I did a fingerprint card and that was mailed to illinios , it was not the bon, i think it said FBI? As am an international student. I dis it in america using lifescan if thats any help? It did not take long 3 weeks,
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    Ps i know the licence application and background went to 2 separate places
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    Oh and i believe through the information i got here you can only apply for licence in one place however CGFNS will check your credentials against more than one state for a fee of $100 extra , i then will apply to endorse after that