Further Application Requirements Information for California Board Of Nursing

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am new forum user trying to find out some questions regarding my application that was sent out 2 months ago to the board of nursing in California.

    I am a U.S Citizen, and choose to study abroad in Thailand for 4 years and just graduated in Dec 2012. Two months ago, i have sent out all the require documents that the board of nursing needed and they wrote to me that they needed:

    1: copy of your Thailand nursing license
    ( Thailand only has licence in Thai Language, thus it is the reason why i don't have a licence in the country that i studied in, but instead I can get a letter from the Dean. The letter will state the reasons why) WOULD THIS BE ENOUGH FOR Board of NURSING TO APPROVE?

    2: copy of your clinical rotation records or clinical rotation logbook

    My nursing faculty for the international nursing does not have clinical rotation logbook.
    They only have the schedule of the ward unit, with the hours of practice, with the name of the professor and the date....can this be pass as clinical rotation record???

    Our university was ranked No. 1 university in 2011 by QS Asian University Rankings and the faculty of nursing that we've been practice is under the hospital Siriraj. Which is rank 7 place in Asia and 48 place in world ranking.

    My concerns are will the California Board of Nursing, take in consideration of the hospital that you did all your clinical practice in? Because I DO NOT HAVE and THEY DO NOT HAVE the Clinical Logbook. I am concern that after i send all the documents again that is asked of me, they will denied........... What are my chances?

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    For the license, get a copy of the license and have it translated.

    As far as clinical rotations, an attendance sheet with the floor date and times will do. Are you aware of the concurrency issue being if you did maternity ( theory) the clinical has to be done at the same time?

    As far as the hospital it has little bearing with the Board of Nursing.
    Read the posts hear, the California Board of Nursing is getting very strict, holding international graduates to the same standards US students have.

    You chances of getting approval and passing are not encouraging, last reported only 27% of students graduating from Thailand passed the NCLEX.

    If you wish to practice in the US why did you go to Thailand? Can you work in Thailand? I bet it was a great experience, but the best route to practice in the US is to go to school in the US.
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    Hey Ginger's Mom,
    Thank you for your reply.
    All my clinical and theory were all done the same time during the trimester. And for the number of hours, I believe I have more then what they are asking for but the problem is that we didn't use clinical logbooks. I am finding out from my nursing faculty about the clinical rotation documents if they could send that to me. This only includes the Unit name, type of unit, date of practice, hours of practice, and professors name. Would that be enough?

    I have spoken to the Board of nursing in Thailand, (there is only one in Thailand not like in the STates where each States has their own board of nursing) They don't have the license in ENGLISH and will never will because they want to protect their nurses from foreign nurse. I do not agree what their doing is right because many of the international students who study in Thailand in the international program don't find this out until it is too late..and also if they allowed and offer nursing courses in english...they should offer the license exam in English as well but that is not the case. So a lot of foreign student have to go back to their home country and take their license there.

    My mother is Thai you see and my father is American. I grew up in California without knowing my mother's cultural background so I decided to go on this journey thinking learning nursing in Thailand would be amazing experience. I found a great nursing school. It was the 1st established nursing school in Thailand and the best one in Thailand. HIGHLY RANKED....and thinking probably this will do it for California. Before I came to Thailand, I have applied for different nursing schools in California..but the only problem was that I got approve to go to all of the California Universities but none of the Universities approve for the nursing program. In 2008, There was a 2 year/3 years waiting list for the program....that is why I have decided to come here.
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    I think you misunderstood my answer, get a copy of the Thai license and have it translated to English. The Logbooks is a Philippine issue, in my state an attendance sheet will do. You also have to check with the Board, Applicants must have their transcripts translated by an independent, professional translator who is not related to the applicant. Each translator must provide an original declaration with each translation
    attesting to his/her fluency in the particular language and certifying under penalty of perjury that the
    translation is complete and accurate to the best of the translator’s ability and knowledge. (See attached
    form.) You will have to do this with your transcripts also.

    The attendance sheet you described should be fine.

    I would suggest you get a job in a hospital to see how the US healthcare system works, in the best case scenario it will be months before you get approval.

    Glad you got to experience your Mom's culture, it will stay with you the rest of your life.
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    There is no need for a translator because all my paperwork was already in American English. The nursing faculty has sent everything in with my degree. They mention in the application educated outside the united states, that if you don't have your license, you can either send a copy of your degree/or diploma.
    For the copy of the Thai license, you can't get the Thai license if you didn't take their Thai license exam. I mention before that their exam is in Thai Language and that is why i don't have a copy or the license only the 4 year BNS. Majority of the foreign students who attended the international program in Thailand must go back to their home country and take their exams there.
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    Ok, I understand now, no license per Thai law, I would just explain that in your application. The CA BON has been forgiving of this in the past, but now have become very strict. And best of luck
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    I completely understand your situation. I'm in a similar situation now. My mother is a Filipino but my father is American, I grew up in California also. I thought by granting my mothers wish to do nursing in the Philippines will be better than doing it in California... I'm graduating this april and sadly I just found out about CA BON being stricter now, I don't know what to do except fall back to my original plan of not doing nursing, however I grew to love nursing and now I am quite depressed about this news. I'm also planning on taking the NCLEX-RN in one of the compact states. Maybe considering moving all the way to Maine, or perhaps Nebraska.
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    You have to be a resident of the state to be able to gain a compact licence
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    Congratulations Joiskol! Don't give up on nursing. Did you happen to look at CA BON requirements for people who studied outside the US??

    Instead of waiting to finish in April, you can start collecting some of your documents that you need. I have 2 friends who graduated in the Philippines and their University nursing program has already been approve for the NCLEX.

    Here is the application if you need for international grads: http://www.rn.ca.gov/pdfs/applicants/end_intlgrads.pdf

    It took me 1 month to collect all of this document .....hours of pushing and nagging on the workers at the university to organize everything for me properly. You should start soon. After everything is sent, it takes about 1-2 months for CA BON to reply...GOOD LUCK.
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    I am a residence of the Bay area of California No worries there.

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