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    Hi does anyone knows how long it takes after you apply for your education evaluation by Josef silny & associate to be completed and mailed to FBON. I'm an international trained RN, planning to sit the NCLEX RN.I would like to know which of these is faster CGFNS or Josef Silny..thanks
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    Are you already in the US or outside the US? If you require a visa screen certificate then I would say go with CGFNS as they can use same documents for both otherwise can use either and I believe they both take the same amount of time approx 4 months
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    Thank you
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    Hi Trendy,did you later use Josef silny or CGFNS?,if u used Josef silny please how did the process go?
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    Hi @ Favour, I did use Josef and it took me less than 1 mth. I sent to my school and that took 2 weeks to send my transcript to Josef. Josef took exactly 10 days for regular evaluation after they received the documents from my school
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    Thanks for replying