Filipino registered nurse to Canada LPN?

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    I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. I don't have a work experience yet because I just got my license few months ago plus I'm still doing a volunteer work for a few months now. Soon, I will obtain my permanent residency in Canada because my wife is sponsoring me. Will I be able to write the registered nurse exam in Ontario or any other province in Canada without experience? if no, is there any other option for me to write the exam? additional training? or writing the Practical Nurse Exam/LPN exam instead? I would be very please to see your advises, thank you

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    You have to have your credentials assessed by the College of Nurses of Ontario. They will tell you if you're eligible to write the exam or not. You don't need experience, the CRNE is the same exam newly graduated nurses from Canadian schools write. You may find it easier to be approved to write the exam than you will to find a job though. Ontario isn't exactly begging for nurses.
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    Meeting provincial requirements is the key as Jan mentioned. My suggestion is start the process now because you have to send transcripts etc from the Philippines and if any issues easier to get sorted whilst still there