Endorsing california licence to texas- need help

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    I had my RN exam Aug 10th..I had 75 questions with 10-12 SATA,a lot of priority and delegations , infection control (the precautions -SPIDERMANN helped me from the guide running in this forum)..I took about 2 hours to complete the exam..As soon as i got home i did the PVT and showed good pop up, but i was under tension till today when it showed my name in the CA BON.PVT works....my suggestion to to the upcoming test takers is that work hard and pray well(important )...GOD helped me to pass this exam...so pray pray pray.....you will get it

    I am a foreign graduate (India) currently residing in Texas .I passed NCLEX RN exam in the first try with 75 questions recently (aug 1oth). I have a social security number.I need help in endorsing my California license to Texas nursing board.Can anybody help me in the steps of doing this?Do i need to obtain verification from my native country?What should i do for that?Can i be able to work with the temporary license which they are giving ?How long it will take for the whole process?Should I contact again CA BON for anything?I went through the Texas BON website but i am confused what to do first.I am eligible for their online application as per my understanding...Help needed in all these things...please help me....
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    Probably also good to check with BON as you may have to get CES done with CGFNS. You will have to take the Texas nursing jurisprudence examination