Easiest state to switch licenses between and to stay licensed.

  1. Hello my Fellow Americans!

    Need your advice please! Im a canadian nurse, JUST passed my nursing exam yesterday, and now id like to do the NCLEX. I have to register with a state before i do, Which one is the cheapest, easiest to stay licensed in AND more importantly which one is the easiest to get licensed to other states. Like once i have it in one state i can transfer to another one. For right now im def getting my experience here, i just thought while everything was fresh that id try my hand at the NLCEX that way if i ever want, i can have that option open.

    Any advice would help!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Each state will have their own requirements and I am sure I have seen a Canadian post they did not meet CA requirements. A lot will depend where you find a job