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sorry for not posting it upon receiving my eligibility,but since Ive read some post here that saying her friend was denied to take LVN too I kinda wonder if its true or not or what her intention really is,is it to disappoint us... Read More

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    yup dragonlady im going to apply for lvn coz i got denied for rn exam

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    anyone knows if theres a school here in the bay area offering refresher course for bsn
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    where to get record of conviction (55A-6)
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    Quote from kayakoto
    my sister got it from my school and mailed it to me.I was the one who submitted all the requiremnts to BVNPT.Its ok as long as I can help esp.if its us kababayans.
    hi kayakoto, just want to confirm once again about this. Is it ok if I'm the one who will mail the forms once I got it from my school to the BVNPT or does the BVNPT requires now that the school itself will forward my forms directly to BVNPT? Thanks in advance. Just want to know about that.
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    hi guys, i have a problem in processing my nclex-pn application, got confused with the requirements. do i have to requests 2 copies of TOR? and should be sent directly from the school?
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    hi, have you processed you application for nclex pn alreayd?
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    wish my application processing time would be that fast also, do you have any idea why does BVNPT processed your application that quick?
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    Hi, can anyone tell me how or what your school sent for the Pharmacology proof?
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    hello! i was also looking for other people like me who were affected by the concurrency. may i ask what method did you use for your application for the LVN exam?
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    The one for international student. If you have your file from the California board of nursing , you might wanna consider calling them and ask them to forward your papers to BVNPT

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