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I graduated BSN in the Philippines 2007 After taking the exam 2x they re-evaluate my application and found out that i did not qualify to take the exam. I found out that my cases did not meet there... Read More

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    darrelton: is it possible to do so?will they transfer my records to BVN or do i need to start processing again?tnxfor the reponse
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    sad to say i already reviewed in a review center
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    ratnik13: yup u can email ur analyst then ask her if she will transfer ur otr to the lvn board all u have to do is write a letter asking to transfer ur file to the board of lvn then download all the application form and stuff from the lvn site. ive called the board of lvn all we have to do is fill out the aplication form submit the fingerprint and picture and the check. but be sure to ask ur analyst first
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    what review center did u go to if u dont mind?
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    tnx a lot but i don't how to reach her through email..don't have the address
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    excell nursing review
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    ahmmm call the brn and ask for her email address or if not email her thru brn's email address coz thats where i got my analyst's email i directed to the brn's email and stated her name and she replied back using her own email not the BRN's.
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    @darrelton Are you a new user? Just post 10 times and your pm will be activated =)
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    yup im new here...been posting several tyms bt still pm s not working, a few more maybe it will work..
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    Quote from darrelton
    @retetestis: yup i was denied by BRN and my school sent a letter of explanation. but the analyst said its not just the clinical rotation that is the problem it also has to do with the minimum requirements both theoretical (units and hours) and clinical hours that is not acceptable since they (here in cali) has a higher number of units and hours in ob and med-surge. i have a realy nice analyst and said the letter would not suffice either and that there is nothing she can do but she will transfer my documents to the board of vocational nursing so i wont have to bugged my school again. there is a growing number of applicants being denied since we all have the same curriculum based on ched which is not on par with the curriculum here in the US (cali). thats what she said thru email.
    i pray that u wont have the same dilemma that we had here, gudluck!

    @dee07: arent u going to challenge the LVN yet while looking for a school?

    I don't really know yet. If I don't find a school, then I guess that's what I'll do too..
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    Guys, hit me up.. I have the same problem.. Pm me.. Please..
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    I have the same issue.. And I'm so discouraged right now.. mS and OB.. My only option is Florida.. Pm me guys 😭