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Good day. I'm starting to get worried about my CVS-NY application. Its either CGFNS is sending the request to a wrong address, or things keep getting lost in the mail, or my school is not processing... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    CVS takes anything from 6-8 months as a lot will depend on CGFNS sending requests out and being sent back to them, they usually wait 6 months for everything sent back and after 6 months what they have got will be passed on to NY BON and they usually sit once a month to review International applicants
  2. by   gradnursen
    Thank you Silverdragon102
    CGFNS told me that they usually take 4 to 6 weeks to review TOR before they send report to new york education Department. But what i understood from your experience is 6 to 7 months.
    Anyway, i applied to new york education department before i started with CGFNS. I am done with child abuse and infection control too. I just hope New york education department doesn't require english proficiency test.

  3. by   chokyali
    4-6 wks for CGFNS7-8 mnths before you can sit for the nclex exam
  4. by   gradnursen
    Hi Chokyali
    Sorry for bothering you. So did i understand correctly:

    CGFNS to NYED - 6 to 8 weeks
    NYED to Till NCLEx- 7 to 8 months
  5. by   iirnited

    How come it takes so long for NY to send the eligibility?
  6. by   chokyali
    Quote from iirnited
    @chokyaliHow come it takes so long for NY to send the eligibility?
    I have no idea but thats the way it is ...
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    timing has a lot to do with how quickly CGFNS sends out their requests and how quickly they are returned. We have seen people post it took a few months for their school to receive anything from CGFNS. CGFNS will forward everything sooner if they receive everything in a timely manner however with what people post on here you are looking at 6-8 on average. NY meet only once a month to discuss International trained nurse applications so depending on when they received your paperwork and application
  8. by   gradnursen
    Hi Chokyali ..
    Thank you very much for your help. Finally, my college is going to mail my TOR to CGFNS tomorrow. My only concern for now is that is there anything my college need to send to CGFNS aside from certified copy of my TOR? I heard on CES , CGFNS do send another separate form for college itself to fill and College is required to send that form too together with TOR.
    Hope to hear from you..Its kinda urgent..
    thanks a lottt...
  9. by   chokyali
    there are no ather forms to submit only the verification of academic records form from cgfns that you filled-up and the TOR
  10. by   gradnursen
    thanks a ton
  11. by   gradnursen
    hi chokyali and all,

    after following your suggestion, cgfns has finally received my tor. however, i got notification of school incomplete school from cgfns with the following more details:

    1) date of birth was not provided.(i assume it must be missing in my tor)
    2) a valid signature was not provided.(?)
    3) a valid seal was not provided.(?)

    i need to ask my registrar to send my tor again with above correction. actually, i already asked cgfns about this ..but we all know how their response is. i am really freaked out with cgfns and their monopoly. anyway......hmmm...

    my tor was mailed to 3600 market street, suite 400 philadelphia, pa 19104-2651 usa via fedex.

    please help me to get over with this ...
    thanks a lot...

    best regards
  12. by   jenxx
    I need to ask something again regarding my CVS.. My Order Status is Ready for Submission which means "All required items have been received, or the time limit has exceeded 180 days for receipt of all required documents and a report will be prepared and submitted to the NY State Education Department." Unfortunately, the status of my Transcript Validation Form from my college is Waiting to be Received. So that means it has exceeded the time limit of 180 days and still they're not yet receiving anything from my school. I asked my school about it and they said they didn't receive anything from CGFNS. Now I'm worried because I don't know what to do. Can someone please help me regarding this? Now, I'm planning to submit the forms needed in NYSED and pay my application fee because I have not yet submitted anything there. Will that be ok? Or do I need to fix first my problem in CGFNS?
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    everything will be submitted to NY BON and they will make a decision.