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Good day. I'm starting to get worried about my CVS-NY application. Its either CGFNS is sending the request to a wrong address, or things keep getting lost in the mail, or my school is not processing... Read More

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    @ kristov: yeah just check your account again with cgfns and see what it says about your tor.. then just wait.. after those 6 month, im just glad that it is already at the final stages.. and the wait will be over soon.. we can now concentrate on finding a job.. i know it's hard to get a job there in our country.. and t is also difficult to land a job here esp when you are a foreign trained nurse with no experience.. hay.. i wish us luck.. hehe

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    yeah good luck to all of us! i just hope that this long long wait will soon be over i srsly need a job so hard to be stable in our generation
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    dear all concerned
    i graduated from nursing school in philippines. currently, i am in usa and i dont have any nursing license.

    i applied for cvs ny service in cgfns since nov 2011. since feb 2012, i have been waiting for my school to send the certified tor to cgfns. cgfns has already sent a second sets of request letter to my school in philippines but my school hasn't yet received any request letter so far. and i am so worried thinking what if my school will never receive request letter within 180 days period. however, i found that others are also facing similar issues. now , i want to try out what chokyali did( by sending the authorization letter directly to the school registrar and requesting them to send the certified tor to cgfns with their school seal. has anyone else tried this way?

    i have few questions for you since my concerns are very much related to you.

    1) what documents did you send to your school aside from the authorization form for your tor? ( note: since i dont have any license, i got waived from contacting the licensing authority) . despite, do i still need to contact or send the blank form addressing to licensing authority?

    2) did cgfns accept your tor with this method ?
    4) if yes, how many copies of tor did you request to your school?
    4) do you think i can try out your way ?

    i look forward to hearing from you.
    thanks a lot..
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    My understanding for CVS is the form is specific and has to be used.
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    Hi gradnursen, first of all did you send the request to your school through mail since you said that you are currently in the US. If that's the case then maybe that is the reason why your school is not sending any information to CGFNS. First of all, you need to ask a relative to process your papers on your behalf. you need to send an authorization letter authorizing them to expedite your papers. Second, there is a required amount of money to be paid to your school for mailing your TOR to CGFNS. If this is not clear to you you can pm me.
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    Hi chokyali !!!
    thank you for getting back this soon..
    Actually , i am in constant touch with the school registrar and in fact , i have my relative there to help me out to release my TOR. Registrar is ready to send my TOR to CGFNS as soon as they receive a request letter from CGFNS. Since CGFNS is taking too long and doesn't sound to be responsible enough. So i wanted to try out how you did by sending a authorization form to release my transcript directly to school.

    Ya i am going to mail the authorization form to school. Does that only needed ?? any further suggestion ?? could you please answer my earlier queries ??
    I have added you in my friend list .Then only i guess i will be able to send PM.
    thanks again
    waiting for your reply
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    Hi chokyali
    Here i am again, I badly need your help..please ...
    thank you
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    Hi @gradnursen When did your cvs formally start its 180 days countdown?
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    Hi Nurse428
    CGFNS has sent the first set of request letter to my college on feb 7 .It's been high time already. What are you up to?
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    Hi grandnursen,

    based from my experience , what I did was:
    1. filled-up the authorization to verify academic records/transcripts
    2. Gave the form to the school registrar and from that they gave me a form to fill up regarding what school documents I need and that is a certified copy of my TOR.
    3. I paid the corresponding fee. They asked me to comeback after 1 wk.
    4. After 1 wk. paper is done. They handed me a sealed envelope containing the CGFNS form and the certified TOR, and asked me to mail it to the school's post office. It should be mailed within the school's postal service.

    If your license is waived then there's no need in contacting PRC, besides prc has nothing to verify since accdg. to you. you dont have a license. Good Luck

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