Concurrency Issues

  1. I was wondering if anyone can clarify something for me! I am an English RN aiming to become an RN in the USA after I immigrate as the husband of a US citizen! My CES report shows I lack hours in Paediatrics and Midwifery but I intend to make these hours up when I am there and reapply to SBON for licence by examination!
    My concern is I have recently been seeing a number of posts where people are denied because of concurrency issues! From what I have read about this does this mean that these states are denying people because their clinical practise in a speciality are not taking place in the same semester as the relevant theory instruction? Is that correct!!!!! So for instance you would have to do so many weeks theory in midwifery then follow that with clinical practise in midwifery?
    If this is the case how do we know if our education was concurent (Should it specify on the CES report)?????? My education was divided in approximately 5 weeks theory then 5-6 weeks clinical but the clinical was not always related to the theory that we just completed more just a rotation of different specialities across the whole length of our training! Does this mean my education would not meet the concurrency requirements?????
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    Hard to say what will happen. I know my clinical and theory was concurrent and done within weeks of each other ie I did theory medical and surgical and the following 18 weeks covered 9 weeks medicine and 9 weeks surgery
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    How do they even know if its concurrent! My ces just lists all the hours in each speciality both theory and clinical not when these hours where completed!
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    The BRN has been asking for further documents I believe, not sure how the other states are doing it when you only give CES report
  6. by   rachelr
    Thank you for the reply!!!! I was wondering!