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    I graduted last October 2011 with a degree in Nursing here in Canada. Last May 2012, I applied for CGFNS Credential Verification Service for New York State. I am planning to take the NCLEX exam in New York and I still do not have a nursing license here in Canada. I already submitted all required documents and as of now, my status stated "Ready for Submission". Also, I am planning to take the CRNE on June 2013 which is my final attempt.

    My questions are, do I still need to apply for the New York State Department in order for me to take the NCLEX examination? Also, do I need to submit the Nursing Licensing Application Form besides the form that I sent to CGFNS? In addition, am I required to take the Child Abuse and Infection Control courses before I get approve in taking the NCLEX exam?
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    Once they submit to board of nursing and after everything has been evaluated by board of nursing you will receive a letter from BON saying "You are now eligible to sit for NCLEX-RN exam and for further information contact pearson vue".Once you get this letter you can contact Pearson vue and schedule the date to appear the NCLEX-RN exam.It took about 1 month for me to receive letter from BON after CGFNS submit my document to BON. For your information i applied to CGFNS for New York state board in 2010 and i really hope it's still the same.
    Good luck!!
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    Thank you for responding.

    Please corrrect me if I am wrong. The way I understand your response was I just have to wait for the letter from BON. So, are you saying that I do not need to apply for the New York State Department since CGFNS was the one sending my application. Also, does it mean that I do not need to submit any forms such as the Nursing Licensing Application Form besides the form that I sent to CGFNS.
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    You still have to apply to NY BON but not until a few months have passed as it takes approx 6 months for CVS to be completed. Child abuse has to be done before you will be issued a license. As mentioned DO NOT apply to pearsonvue until you get the go ahead from BON. CGFNS will apply to the various bodies like nursing school to get your transcripts but will not complete an application form to the BON or pay any of the BON fees.
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    i have the same situation on you. my appliction in CGFNS is ready for submission. i called them and they adviced me to fill up the nursing licensing application packet. whatevet you want to take if its an NCLEX RN or LPN together with the $143 for processing.just fill up the nurse form 1. you can have a child abuse certification for two hours. just sit down and listen. they will going to send u the certificate through ur email that u provided. its free. heres the link.NYS Mandated Reporter Training if u need the form for the nursing licensing application packet just visit the NYS Office of the Professions - State Education Department
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    Thank you.

    Hi romelmads. So what i did is I just filled up Application form 1 and finish up the course such as the child Abuse and infection control course. So I guess I do not need to fill up forms 2-5?
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    hi can i ask how long does it take before you can have you att after cgfns submitted the cvs?
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    it takes 3-4 week that u can get ur att.
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    no need the form 2-5 .
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    I completed my B.Sc nursing degree course this year (2013). I want to do job in US, Please guide me about the process of getting registration from USA Board of Nursing.

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