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    Have anyone dealt with CGFNS lately? How do you find their Customer Service Rep?

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    For me they are nice. They answered all my questions.
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    They are way to strict.
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    Quote from clau12
    They are way to strict.
    I did my Credential Evaluation Report (CES Report) it took about 11 weeks for them to issue the report; I kept calling because they told me 6-8 weeks. What upsets me is that, they had all my documentation and i was educated in Canada, across the broader. Each time i call the representative was rude, he kept saying i had to be patient and if i know how to use the computer to view my status. Finally, after much perseverance he acknowledged that he didn't know why it was taking so long. I had to do a Visa Screen application as well, because they already have my documentation for the CES, all that is required is a photo and proof of passing the NCLEX. I asked the Representative if it would be faster since i already have a file with CGFNS, to my surprise he replied "What makes you think you are going to get it that quickly" and continue to speak in a rude manner. I was shock by his rude comments for an organization such as this.
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    I kip on calling them last friday but got no answer ;(((
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    Quote from darleash
    I kip on calling them last friday but got no answer ;(((
    It's been one week since i got delivery confirmation that they received my photo, and its still not uploaded unto my file. I got an email today that its still outstanding. It's frustrating!!!
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    For the second time CGFNS rejected my transcript based on little errors the school did.
    For example signature not on the right line, date not in the correct order.
    It's just weird that they can do whatever the want. Is there another body that does the same job as them?
    I am about the loose my BON fee due to the delay of CGFNS.
    Hopefully they will accept my third transcript attempt.
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    I do understand that things takes time, but i am finding their time frame ridiculous. I was told it takes 10 business days after receiving a document before it can be posted to my profile...are they serious!! Really 10 days!! Just ridiculous!! I got an offer so the faster they process my Visa Screen the better for me.

    I feel so sorry for you, hope you don't have to lose your fee with the BON.
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    Hi all,
    Finally, my transcript is accepted by CGFNS and my CES status is now since two day ready to review. How long does it usually take for the status ready for submission and what will happen after that? I am registered with NM bon.
    Pls help.
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    Each BON is different but look at a couple of weeks for review and then they should send you something saying it is ok to book NCLEX exam

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