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California NCLEX-RN endorsing to Texas

  1. 0 Pls help me! I passed California NCLEX-RN last May 2009, and now i want to endorse it in Texas but I don't know if I'm still eligible since it's more than 3 years now. One more thing is I don't know if passing the NCLEX-RN would mean that you are now a Registered Nurse in California because i don't remember receiving a license number from them. I only got a letter from CA BON that I passed the exam. Because as far as i know a license number is needed to endorse in Texas. Help me pls.. Thanks
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    You mean you don't know if you are a nurse? If you have a license number from the board, you are a nurse. If you don't, you're not. The only way to get one is to be eligible for and pass the NCLEX.

    Is this for real?
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    Hi CARRYTHATWEIGHT! Yeah! I really don't know.. I'm very confused. Because I passed the exam but i don't remember if they gave me a license number. I only got a letter from BON saying that i passed the exam and i have to provide SSN in 3 years time, which i was not able to do it. and now i don"t know if SSN is required for you to have a license number. By the way I'm from Philippines. thanks again.
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    Oh, well being from the Philippines changes everything. There is a Nurse Registration forum; you should try posting there. I don't know anything about international nursing issues.
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    hi! pls help me. I passed nclex last May 2009, its 3 yrs and 9months now. i just want to clarify if im still eligible to endorse it to texas. i learned from bon texas that 1 requirement is to pass nclex exam, which i already have. what's confusing to me is the another requirement of bon texas stating that you must be practicing or if not you took or passed the appropriate RN exam during the past 4yrs. which exam are they talking about? the Philippine board exam or the CA nclex exam. because i passed the local board exam last june2008, its more than four years now. and i dont know if that's the required one. But if they mean the Nclex exam, mine is just more than 3 yrs now. am i still eligible to endorse it or not? pls help me.
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    Threads merged and moved to the Nursing Registration forum, where you're more likely to be helped by members who are knowledgeable in issues involving licensure for IENs (internationally educated nurses). Good luck to you.
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    Until you have a US SSN and CA issues a license then you are not a US RN. THis also means you can not endorse as you have to license to endorce. Usual procedure is apply by license by exam and arrange for CA to forward NCLEX result to new BON