California NCLEX-RN passer w/o SSN wanting to apply for NY license:STEP BY STEP - page 6

I have seen alot of members who are asking for a STEP BY STEP guide on how to apply for a New York License most of them are experiencing the problem i have experienced before. I took up the NCLEX-RN last February 09, 2011 for... Read More

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    congrats nursejas!!! so happy for your success
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    thank you
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    yes you are correct @rncoco
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    Friends, i need help, i am from the philippines and an NCLEX passer. i already have my Social Security but the BON told me that I have to send an application again to them w/c includes the application form and the FBI fingerprint card. My question is, I am a non-U.S. citizen currently here in the U.S., how do I get my fingerprints taken by the FBI? I don't think they will allow me since I am not in their system since I am a non-U.S. citizen. The fingerprint card i passed before was done by the NBI in the philippines because at that time, I was still in the Philippines. So how do I get my fingerprints to the fingerprint card now?

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    any ideas co-nurses about my question? thanks
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    Quote from machonapapapa
    any ideas co-nurses about my question? thanks
    You can have your fingerprint done because you have your SSN just go to a postal area near you where they can do your fingerprint livescan.
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    Congratulations nursejas_1188 for getting your NYS License!

    Can I ask some questions on the process of getting it, hope you don't mind..btw, I just finished my INFECTION CONTROL and CHILD ABUSE COURSE. I am into taking the step of forwarding my forms to NY....

    1. FORM 1 - it says in the instruction in NYS Nursing:Application Forms RN & LPN - If you were educated outside the U.S., submit a copy of your nursing diploma in the original language. so will I still send a copy of mine despite my CVS for NYS under CGFNS?

    2. FORM 1 ITEM 18 -

    Do you now hold, or have you ever held, a license or certificate to practice any profession* in any jurisdiction?
    �� Yes �� No
    If yes, list each license/certificate, state or jurisdiction and provide appropriate information in the columns below. A Form 3 must be submitted for each professional license/certificate listed unless it is a license/certificate issued by the New York State Education Department. See theApplicant Instructions on Form 3 for specific information about completing and submitting the form.

    1.) that question got me wondering as well, heres how i did it...
    i emailed nysed and they told me to just leave it blank however
    i wanted to be sure so i answered no then wrote a note *passed nclex in state of california, ssn not availble... then wrote my file number hahaha you can try to email them as well

    this was your answer to markosmea. however, we are required to send the FORM 3, so is not right to just write

    3. FORM 3 -the form is VERIFICATION OF OTHER PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION.... did you send one for PRC? since we are licensed here in the Philippines?

    This are just my questions for now. hoping to receive a feedback from you. Thanks in advance and for the next inquiries to follow. God Bless!
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    thank you rnfrancis

    " however, we are required to send the FORM 3, so is not right to just write

    you need to be registered first before stating that you are a registered nurse in California-- basically what you have is only a proof that you are qualified to be a professional registered nurse given you have all requirements necessary.. like successful NCLEX-RN results, ssn (not that familiar with California requirements)-- you still need to go through another process before becoming a registered nurse-california. Here's the process answer form 3 plus the one for your credentials send it to NY and NY will be the one to send those forms to the right department--- request for verification of credentials will be sent by NY to your school's registrars and its the same thing with your License verification form NY will send them over to PRC-- and it took mine almost 6 months...

    "3. FORM 3 -the form is VERIFICATION OF OTHER PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION.... did you send one for PRC? since we are licensed here in the Philippines?"

    I didnt send that form personally to PRC--- Send them to NY with your signature on it then NY will be the one to send the request over to PRC

    Hope this helps
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    hey nursejas,
    how are you, so have you been working now in NY as a nurse?
    i have a similar question regarding FORM 3.

    What should I put there, should it be the PRC (since I hold a license in the philippines) or to Nevada bacause I am an NCLEX passer there. I believe Nevada should verify that I actually passed the NCLEX-RN. so where should FORM 3 go? PRC or Nevada?

    also, I am going to be a registered nurse in Nevada soon coz I already have a social security number, but I have to take IELTS first because it's a NEW requirement.
    my question is, if I get registered in NEVADA, would i still undergo the same process to apply for reciprocity or endorsment to new york? meaning i still have to undergo CVS since i was educated in the Philippines even if i am already an RN in Nevada.

    I would appreciate your quick reply on this!
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    You still have to go through CVS for NY if trained outside the US regardless on whether you already have a US license or not. It may change but not at the moment

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