CA BRN new requirements for NCLEX RN international students

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    I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV?

    I received a letter from CA BON requesting for new requirements such as:
    -SS number
    -Local license in Philippines
    -copy of ur clinical rotation schedule for your cases: Assisted/Actual deliveries, cord dressing and major/minor surgeries
    -A complete school curriculum hundred pages or more sent directly from ur nursing school to the board. (the board doesn't accept the condensed version of the curriculum
    -a one page curriculum outline and academic calendar.

    fortunately I had the first 2 requirements but I am worried that the last 3 will take time to be accomplished.

    I am wondering if it's just me who have this requirements. Most of NCLEX passers I know weren't required on those listed above. It's really hard to focus on review while your thinking of this

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    where are you goin to take your exam? that last three requirements are from school. i think your college of nursing office already knew about have to accomplish it together with your TOR, just print the forms online give it to your school and ask the school about the additional requirements.. maybe they already know whats that all about.. my school takes it about 2 weeks of process regarding that requirements.. depends on what school you go to..
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    maybe what they meant is the Clinical experience record Summary.. thats what i submitted to and they accept it after receiving a mail from them that i lack those requirements.! Hope that helps! God bless!
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    I'm planning to take the exam here in California. My school already mailed my TOR and other requirements. They also said that it was only this year when we were required for school curriculum. About the Clinical Experience Record Summary, is that requirement should be directly from school? or I should be the one producing that? That would be a problem if ever because I am not making a list of duty in hospitals

    thank you!
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    Oh really? seems theyre getting tough and strict on the requirements huh! i got my Clinical Experience Record Summary from my school in the Philippines.. they were the oneS who sent it to the BRN here in CA. i think you can email that Board of Nursing about it. Hope you'll be eligible for your exam soonest.
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    Oh my God really? these are the new requirements? im actually in California now and will still process those application, and probaby thats what they will require for me too.. how unfortunate.. i dont have those either as well..
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    That does sound like a new set of requirement from CA BRN that may have only been recently implemented. The BRN website actually has not reflected this change. I have a BSN from the Philippines and I endorsed an out-of-state license to California in 2009 and didn't need those at all. Regardless, these are documents that your school of nursing in the Philippines need to submit directly to the BRN. They are asking for official documents from your school not reports you make up yourself.
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    i find it confusing that they will require the clinical rotation and minor major cases
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    Well, if these are the new requirements, then every applicant has to comply in order to go through the CA licensure process. You should already have a form that provides information regarding your clinical rotation schedule for assisted/actual deliveries, cord dressing and major/minor surgeries because this is a document that is required by the Professional Regulation Commission in the Philippines in order to apply for the NLE. Your nursing school should also be able to supply the board with a complete school curriculum and a one page curriculum outline and academic calendar. That shouldn't be that hard for schools to produce. If at all, CA is very much attuned to issues surrounding nursing education in the Philippines and is making sure applicants for licensure received adequate training in their programs. They could go the route of other states that require CGFNS evaluation and you don't want that because that takes a long time to process.

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