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I had already registered online in Pearson Vue but I think I'm not yet eligible to take the test. Is there an expiration date for my registration at PV? I received a letter from CA BON requesting... Read More

  1. by   woah
    Quote from akoisme
    @woah: If you're ok with working in another state, then go ahead and apply out of state. If you really want to work in california, then you'd you'd most likely have to go back to school (if you want to work as an RN) or settle with LVN. This is from what I've heard but it's all up to you to decide on what you're going to do next. It is indeed a hard decision. I myself am having difficulty deciding what to do. Lets have faith and pray for the best. Godbless
    @akoisme thank you so much.. since my parents won't allow me to move out of state, it's the least decision i could make. I'm considering taking the nursing program that they are requiring us while working as a LVN, if that is possible.. That's the best idea i could think of right now.. I have no choice but to go back in cali, and taking NCLEX in another state and hoping for reciprocity would be just a waste time of money since i heard we'll still go through the same process.. That's why I'm inquiring about the the time frame of the additional course work the BRN wants us to complete, do you have any idea? I know that whichever way we choose God will always guide us.. Godbless
  2. by   Ginger's Mom
    Probably the quickest way, getbyour lvn license apply for an adn program it should take one year to complete.
  3. by   retetestis
    in determining how much time you will spend in removing your deficiency is to inquire to a nursing program and let them evaluate how many units your lacking. I haven't done it yet, it's hard to find a nursing program that is accepting international graduate to make up the requirements for nclex-rn. =)
  4. by   BennyRNCA
    Recognize that going into any CA program that does not have tuition fees exceeding over $75,000 - $100,000 or more for their ADN degree program, will have a pretty long waiting list and you will probably need to pass the TEAS testing program of most of the cheaper colleges/schools.

    I would suggest that those interested in applying into any CA nursing program, you can keep informed under the "California Nursing Program" forum here. You will see those with little to NO waiting list are the ones that are the most expensive, but is it worth to spend that much money? Me personally, no. But I'm not sure if an international student will have access to the various federal and state financial aids programs.

    Most of the community colleges uses a lottery system to get in. You should have pretty good high GPA's and a high TEAS scores, then you get your name in the hat and then they draw names from there. Don't be surprised to hear there's over 1,000 qualified applicants going after 50 spots, plus or minus a few. Some having to apply several times and can be up to 2 years or more to get selected.

    Some colleges uses a points system based on grades and some work experience (CNA), some will let you in after applying and applying like after 5-6 times, but that means it's been a good two years or more, it's their way of making a waiting list.
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  5. by   woah
    Thank you everyone for the informations... I might inquire in some of the schools around my area.. I'll keep you guys posted!

    @mjhay i can't reply on your PM... thank you for leaving me a message... I wanted to ask you something is there any way I could talk to you?
  6. by   mjhay
  7. by   Ginger's Mom
    Benny 100,000 K for one year, what school charges that ?

    Also you don't have to go to school in CA but in the USA. Also the pool of LVN to RN is much smaller than basic students. I would like with a BSN behind you, getting the LVN and one year of school would be a piece of cake.
  8. by   lllenjolll
    hello guys!

    Just got my letter from BON CA. and yes, I'm not allowed to take the exam because of the said deficiencies
    they'reimplying on the nursing program we took. some of my clinical cases aren't concurrent with my theories so I
    already know what to expect. just like the other applicants who just got denied, I was also
    advised to take up classes on any approved schools within their state.
    I just don't have the money and time for that.
    and the fact that I'm living outside CA don't give me that kind of options.

    just want to ask if anyone here knows other state that
    can be applied by someone who's already a citizen/immigrant and
    graduate on the phil but don't hold a local license?
    thanks! appreciate all your help.

    did anyone btw try to pull out their documents on BON CA?
    stated on my letter also,
    that they're going to hold your application
    upto 3 years if you're really willing to complete what they asked. thanks. )
  9. by   MistyBrent08
    @mjhay Where did you get the email address of your analyst? I'm planning to apply in bvnpt too since i'm still waiting for my cases in PI and clinical rotation schedule, i know it will take a long time because my school said they can't find my record.
  10. by   drvem05
    hi daffodille! Did CA BON explained the reason why you did not meet the requirements for MedSurg and OB? I know a few nurses that went to Lanting who took and passed CA NCLEX..but that was couple of years ago..I am just curious. I have been taking several classes here in Cali to get in to the nursing program here but until now I can't get in. Too competitive. I am planning to go to the Phils to study but having second thoughts because of the strictness of this CA BON...
  11. by   sofiechic
    I would like to ask if anybody already wrote a letter to BRN requesting a copy of school records or documents to be sent to bvnpt?thanks
  12. by   sofiechic
    @Melai12 did you sent your letter already?I need help on the letter requesting the copy of my school record to be sent to bvnpt? if you can help me i would really appreciate it thanks!
  13. by   retetestis
    Just ask BRN to transfer your copy with a 30$ check or money order. =)