CA BON Eligibility letter lost in mail - $30 for BON to send it again??

  1. I did sent my re application to CA BON last April 27 and waited for almost 3 weeks. I've been reading topics re the new CA BON policy so I panic and finally decided to call them last July 20 to ask them the status of my re application and to update my address as well. They told me that the eligibility letter was sent to me n May 12 (yes this is a good news but I didn't get any mail from them) She said they can send it again but I won't be needing it, I can directly and and schedule my exam. But I still choose to have that mail so I requested another one. After a days of waiting, I called them again today and ask them the status of my re application (just to be sure) and they told me the same thing. But when I tried requesting for a duplicate she told me I have to pay $30 so they can send it again.

    Now I'm thinking should I pay or should I just go and register directly. So if anyone who had the same dilemma please let me know what you did. And suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If you know you have eligibility I would just go ahead and register with pearsonvue, they will send ATT once they get confirmation from BON
  4. by   steppybay
    Wow, congrats to you! Good going there! Yes, I'd do the same as Silverdragon102 said. Just pass the exam with flying colors, so that you don't have to go thru the hassles again, you never know what might happen if you need to re-apply again.

    You are probably only one of a few handful that got an ATT here.

    Study hard!

    Good luck!