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i was eligible to sit for the nclex for California. wow.. so i took my exam this september, went the distance all 265 questions. unfortunately i didnt pass. got my results and "near passing standard" all across the board. so... Read More

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    Guys any updates? Thank you

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    Quote from 2ndtakerimmigrant
    I don't think so. My cousin who took up a fast track BSN course in the Philippines, took the exam in 2009 (& passed) just renewed her license here in CA with no problems at all. This is a new requirement why should it affect those who already have a license? The new requirement is for those applying -whether first takers or repeaters. In my opinion, those who have already passed are safe. It's just those who are re-applying for an exam or who applying for the first time who are going to be affected.
    There's no problem at all in renewing in CA as a first-time renewal, it's kind of automatic if you just pay the fee, but AFTER the 2nd time to renew, any CA nurse needs to complete 30 units of nursing education. It's on CA BON renewal application website.

    There was early discussion of CA BON going back to review all international applicants from the 2004 year on, but I think we have not seen that happen yet as maybe there's been none having to renew within those years yet. There they may find the same concurrency issues and can cause licenses to not be renewed or if they do, it will be on a temporary basis as they can complete certain refresher courses to relieve that problem. I don't know this for a fact, other than what's been posted here.
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    I understand how hard it is to take the NCLEX in Cali. I just graduated this year from the Phil, and BRN slapped me with the darn concurrency problem when applying for the exam. Is this how it is with other states? If not, then why not trying to apply in other places? Quite frankly, I just want to get my license and find a job, no matter where it is, but that's me speaking from a new-grads perspective.
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    Hi every1!

    Am one if your kabayan.. I got the same problem, took nclex but unluckily failed. So same thing i re-applied getting ready and anxious for exam, waited for bout a month for their reply, i got the letter asking for my clinicals which i already submitted with all my applications, so requested that to school and sent to them, again waited for the reply for more than a month then i got letter from them saying am not qualified which i am before, saying my clinicals and theory are not concurent and they want me to take those concurency before i can be eligible taking the cali board. Problem so hard to get into the school, and they not really offering such as concurency. So i wondering with those people who have the same problem what did u do??
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    Hi melai12,I just received the declaration of nursing education form. May I ask were you able to fill up all the info ( like date started & completed, no of hrs worked). I'm trying to use our copy of clinical cases to answer this. For question #6 is it PRC? Then #7 CHED? Thanks for your help
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    Of all the posters here, only one person has been granted a CA ATT, that was fim123 or fim1234. I hope fim123 passes the NCLEX soon to show it can be done!
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    Quote from Mariekate
    Hi melai12,I just received the declaration of nursing education form. May I ask were you able to fill up all the info ( like date started & completed, no of hrs worked). I'm trying to use our copy of clinical cases to answer this. For question #6 is it PRC? Then #7 CHED? Thanks for your help
    Check out the thread under the declaration of license and nursing education for better answers.
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    Guys I have the same problem BRN wants me to take additional course work both theory and clinical practice thats what they told me but they did not specifically told me what to take. But they told me to have my transcript and the detailed description of Med/Surg and OB courses i took be evaluated by the nursing director in schools here in CA. I am so frustrated. I do not know what to do now, I plan to submit an application for LVN. What did you guys do about this? I need advice
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    I'm very much upset with the CA BRN. Once they see that it's a foreign grad that's applying for the NCLEX, they pretty much just toss the application without giving them a single chance. They tell us to go find a school that would be willing or able to take us in to complete our clinical and theoretical problem, but the problem is, there are too few out there. They cash in our checks, with no hope for a refund. Where does that money go? To the board members? To the evaluators? It seems to me they are making easy money by saying, "Oh another foreign grad, lets send him/her the same letter we've sent to thousands of other foreign grads and take their money. I'm sure less than half of them will even be able to solve their problem." They should at least warn us by putting something on their website reading, "To all foreign grad nurses, we will take you're money, and make you do additional coursework. Will NOT let you take the NCLEX even once until you do as we say." I read so many comments about foreign grad nurses that have the same exact problem, but no one ever warned them that it was sure to happen.

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