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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a... Read More

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    Quote from marklouiemarco
    No, you don't yet. If you apply online, you just have to answer the questions online. No need for an interview anymore.

    hello mark,one more thing,do i need to upload some of my certificates from seminars and training on IHNA apply online? thanks.

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    So here we are, 28.11.2012 and still all 3 bridging programs are out of date or soon will be, ACFE, ETEA, IHNA. WHat is happening?

    Every other bridging program gets accreditation on time, why this?

    We are owed some explanation, not words from these schools, dates being change, conditional offers!

    The only nursing program accredited by IHNA is the diploma of nursing (Enrolled Nurse) that is accredited to 2016, the bridging in both Melbourne and Perth are 2012 according to the AHPRA website, that gets updated regularly as things change.
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    Quote from nurseJanelly
    thanks! but i keep typing IRON but this is what comes out:
    Search: *IRON
    You must select a course intake or clear before you can action
    the application (using the buttons at the side of the page):

    Code Title Campus Year Intake Commencing
    RGEH Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health Bendigo 2013 Semester 1 13-Feb-2013
    RGOE Graduate Diploma in Outdoor & Environmental
    Bendigo 2013 Semester 1 04-Mar-2013
    RMOEE Master of Outdoor and Environmental Education Bendigo 2013 Semester 1 04-Mar-2013

    grrr!! I hope their system gets better ASAP..
    hi were you able to lodge your application on latrobe website,gosh i hope they'll change their system,i just gave up,hehe
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    done with IHNA interview. whew :***: 6 mins and 50 seconds.. i hope everything will be ok..
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    Hi einalem29,
    How are you? How was the interview?
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    Hi. Is there anyone here who is applying at AAON for 2013 Intake?
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    Quote from dougers
    Hi einalem29,
    How are you? How was the interview?
    hi. im good.. still waiting for IHNA to contact me.. they asked me about abortion, copd, pneumonia.. are you applying in IHNA too?
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    hi. actually i applied in AAON too. submitted my docs 2 weeks ago. last week, they asked me to compile all my files in one pdf file.. haven't heard from them since then..
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    Hi einalem29,

    I just had my interview with IHNA. Was asked similar questions too..
    I also applied for AAON. Waiting to hear from them too.
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    Is there anyone here who's doing the Dec Intake at AAON?

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