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Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a... Read More

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    Quote from makalipong
    so when we pass the scanned copy we need to call aaon to follow up the coe or they will send it directly? guys are u going to lodge ur visas online?
    Are you also for August intake at AAON?

    They sent my CoE after I followed it up everyday for almost a week.

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    Who is for Lonsdale Institute/ Alpine Health this August 2013? I just finished my interview with them and they said I could squeeze into the August intake if I get my visa on time. What type of Visa did you get and how long did it take for you to get it? Thanks!
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    Quote from cynthia santos
    have you done the elearning?
    I'm still on the process of doing it though.
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    Quote from evan10
    I'm still on the process of doing it though.
    im abit confused with it how did you start? sorry i wanted to do it right cannot afford to fail the elearning.
    thanks in advance
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    Quote from aedis_aegypti
    Are you also for August intake at AAON?

    They sent my CoE after I followed it up everyday for almost a week.
    yes i am. are u processing your visa already?
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    hi everyone. I'm new here at been reading threads about the bridging program for Australia and i'm interested to try it... i also checked the website of the board of nursing and midwifery though its a bit confusing as to where in the website can i be directed to apply for it... Maybe someone here can help me on the step by step process of applying for it? seeking the help of an agency is not an option for me since it might cost too much... Thank you fellow RNs...
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    Hi everyone! I'm up for the August intake at AAON. anyone here who's on the same intake?
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    With so many threads to read, it gets overwhelming. And what was good 2 years ago is different now--diffferent visa names/numbers, different ielts requirements, different processing times. The chances of getting a job after the BP is also different now: less likely to be successful or a lot less easy.

    With that, i hope it wouldnt be so much for the board for us to discuss the process as it proceeds now. While we still need to get the AHPRA LOE before getting into a BP, one consultancy has told me their applicants took a year and a half before they got their LOE, while another consultancy said it takes 2-3 months.

    @jazrpRN, try to search for AGOS40. There is also a thread here on it.
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    Would you recommend buying a printer while on placement? ETEA doesn't seem to provide printing services for students and if we're out on placements, I reckon it'd be much easier if you could have your own particularly if you're somewhere in the outback/remote areas.

    What do you think???
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    HELLO I'M NEW HERE.. JUST POSTING TO FIND MY FUTURE CLASSMATES FOR ACN/CON JULY INTAKE... I'm not always ol. So here's my number, kindly text me and let's get in touch. 09157652010.. Anyone?? thank you!!!!

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