BON is asking for the copy of my passport, but I lost it =( - page 2

I graduated in the Philippines. Like everyone else, The CA BON is asking for the copy of my passport but unfortunately I loss it when I moved my apt a year ago. I didn't really look for it coz its expired anyways. But now, I... Read More

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    Im a US immigrant here so I think I wont have a problem with identification.. My problem is how to prove to them that I was actually in the Philippines during the time that I was studying.. I think that's the reason why they're asking for it

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    Ok but that still doesn't change what they want....I would call the board and ask them if there is another document they could use ......if you don't they will deny you.
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    Try to ask the Consulate,DFA and Bureau of Immigration if they can issue you a copy of your departures and arrivals and tell them you lost your passport.I'm not sure with that,but why not try it.Good luck.
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    I would agree with Esme. you should contact the board and inquire if they can require another document to prove your citizenship. Another way the state can find out if you've been attending the program is if you provide a log book but that would be pretty difficult. another option is if the school provides a clinical rotation for all 4 years with a note from the clinical coordinators and dean of nursing stating that you've attended the program with no absences.
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    Thank you all.. I think that's the only way.. I really wish they approve the endorsement of my license 🙏
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    May i ask from what state are you endorsing your license and if your cases are concurrent? what year did you graduate?
    Quote from johnybhoi24
    Thank you all.. I think that's the only way.. I really wish they approve the endorsement of my license 
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    I have my license in new mexico.. As far as I remember my cases are concurrent.. I graduated 2008 kuyafern
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    with concurrent cases California won't give you much of a problem with endorsement. You should continue your application here if you wish to work here. Ca is only giving a hard time with those who have nonconcurrent cases or who lack hours in certain subjects. I say go for it and ask the CA BRN if they accept other documents aside from the passport. Good luck to you and keep us posted! =)
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    Yeah i hope they'll approve me though & im also hoping that they wont ask me to get extra subjects coz I also studied LVN here in CA before I studied BSN in the Philippines
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    @johnybhoi24 go to Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Passport or a Passport that Expired over 5 Years Ago | Embassy of the United States Manila, Philippines and file with them that you lost your passport.. that is proof that you did lose it. fill out those required forms and a statement then send it to CaBon. then update us of what CaBon says.. thanks!

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