Beside to California,what state is the best to apply for RN exam without hassle?

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    Have you tried to apply in another state for RN exam?

    Pls share your experiences and opinions. Im planning to apply RN exam in another state but I dont have any idea what state to apply for

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    I'm looking also, but what is your definition of "without hassle"?

    -- no need to show you don't have the local license?
    -- no need to provide a SSN?
    -- no need to take English proficiency exam(s)?
    -- no need to have your courses and college evaluated?
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    I'm an immigrant I already apply for CA but they denied me.. Thats why I'm thinking what state should I apply I'm thinking NY,NJ,AZ,NV,TX and FL what do you think?
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    Where do you plan on living and working? That would be the state to apply to. If planning on living and working in CA and endorsing license I think you will find that will not be possible at the moment

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