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Australian Nurse - Washington State Registration Application Denied

  1. 0 Hi all!

    I graduated from Latrobe University in Australia and is now in Seattle, WA. My application for registration was denied stating that I don't have the course work in paediatrics and obstetrics. Does anyone know if the department of health approves doing short courses for just these subjects? Can anyone suggest a college in Washington State that actually offers such a course for foreign nurses?

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    Were you able to find anything? I may be in a similar situation next year
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    Hey guys!

    I'm from Melbourne and went through the whole process (had to make up obstetrics too!)
    let me know if you still need advice!

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    Hi Mina3102,
    I'll start studying nursing in Sydney, and after getting some experience here, would like to move to USA. If you, as an Australian nurse, are now working in the USA, can you please give us more info about registration and getting job and E3 visa? Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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    Hi lola,

    the road to registration was a long one for me. I had to do an additional course in obstetrics. My advice to you would be to research the state requirements for foreign grads in the state you want to license in and try to include the required hours in your undergrad. Eg. I did paeds as my elective so i didn't have to make up hours in Paeds. I did however have to pay for an additional course in Obstetrics.

    The E3 visa I can't advise you on as that isn't the route I took.

    Good Luck!