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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please send me an email or pm ... Read More

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    @michayganda, thats also what i read, they are not only changing policy but strongly considering to abolish the residence permit to learn the language because reports have been abusing this scheme. I hope and pray that the drastic changes may not be implemented too soon. Before, they only want to see your study plan, but now, i think they want also to see your admission documents from the school you intend to study the Norwegian language. It's almost been 2 mos since l lodged my application and no feed back yet.

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    Quote from mitchayganda
    hi guys this is really a bad news my cousin who is from Norway have told me that there will be a change of policy in Norway, due to a lot of our fellow Filipino faking documents just to be granted a student visa to work and not really to study..Norway will soon abstain giving student visa to study Norwegian Language specifically to Philippines...I am very devastated because I just submitted my documents last June 28, although this is not confirmed yet ;according to a reliable source it might happen soon ..
    hello michayganda! where can I read about that change in policy. coz u know i also applied that kind of visa.
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    @gemsky. kindly inform me where should i read that news. i really hope that we can have our visa before they change anything to their policy.
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    @ gemsky
    Im losing hope and feeling down to think that they will abolish that type of visa, considering the application that cost P17500 is not a joke
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    hi guys this is the link it's in Norwegian but you can use to understand it...let's still pray for the best
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    let's pray God is good
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    @michayganda, we feel the same sentiment, you can't get away of sometimes feeling scared most especially when you have already lodged your application and just waiting for the result. I'm worried that the impending changes in their policies might affect the outcome of our application. I hope and pray that it would'nt take 5 long months to wait.
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    guys please keep us posted to anyone who have visa response already thanks
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    Hi.. I'm interested to apply in Norway too since Canada closed its doorway for nurses.. Hmm one agency told me that its easy to have a work permit in Norway once I get there.. I just have to apply as a stud visa then will study for abt 3 to 6 mons and then i can already apply for work permit.. is this true? and is the language really hard to learn? and wot is this SAFH all about? Or maybe there are other ways?
    I wanted to do it on my own to check whether I'm eligible or wot but I don't kno where and how to start..
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    I strongly suggest not to get help from agencies bec you can actually apply by yourself, all you need to do is check the UDI website and the Phil Norwegian embassy site too and check all the start on completing the requirements and showmoney which is around P800,000.00

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