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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please send me an email or pm ... Read More

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    Hey Guys!

    I'm almost finishing reading all your comments. It makes me more interesting to apply in Norway. I have a few questions as of now. Once you have got your authorisation or license certificate as a health worker or whatever from SAFH, how long that is valid or if there is an expiry date, does it can be a renewable?

    Thanks in advance.
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    hi , I already paid for my giro today.. How many months will I wait for the response of SAFH. WHat will be my next step if for example I got positive remarks from SAFH? Thanks need your help guys as I am processing my papers on my own without the help of an agency.
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    Quote from pfb85
    Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway??I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please send me an email or pm Thanks :-)
    Hei everyone I was amazed when I read the queries and interests of all those who would like to know about working in norway as a nurse or auxiliary nurse. Im currently working here in Norway as an Auxiliary nurse in the elderly home. A piece of advice guys, learn the norwegian language by heart first. Certificates, license, etc are all nothing if one cannot communicate. Patients here are old people who never learned english and will never speak english, so how can one deliver care and function well in their workplace? takk for meg
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    Hi everyone! I would just like to ask, for all of you here who are already in norway, what are the exit clearances that I must secure from the Philippine government before travelling to norway?
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    HI all,

    i'm new to this and i have read this and now i'm not that quite sure about leaving. i have applied for a resident visa in Dec 2012, got my visa in Jan 2013, it was really fast, given that it were the holidays when i applied for it. got my safh this month. im gonna start my norwegian language class in next week.

    question is, is it really hard finding a job in norway? back reading... i thought it does not. but i just wanted to make sure. might be leaving in mid March.

    thanks all!
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    Hi! I know that there is a large number of filipino nurses who are very interested in coming here in norway and work as a nurse. Pls read this statement from the phil embassy here in oslo. ADVISORY: FILIPINO NURSES & HEALTHCARE WORKERS SHOULD BE WARY OF ADVERTISEMENTS & CONSULTANCY FIRMS THAT PEDDLE MISLEADING INFORMATION ABOUT NURSING JOBS IN NORWAY | Embassy of the Philippines

    To tell you the truth, it is not so easy to find a job here in norway first bec of the language barrier. Even if you are studying the language in the phils if you are not practicing or using it still it is not enough when you use it here esp when you talk to a norwegian.they talk fast and the way they say it is unlike the way our language teachers say it. You really need to be exposed to the real norwegian envt to be well-versed with the language. Not too many people here speak english even your bosses in the nursing is not that they dont know the language but they value much their culture.
    second, there are many job vacancies here but mostly what they offer do not meet what the UDI requires esp to us filipino nurses.we must at least get a 80% job or equivalent to 120hrs/mo or a 100%/full-time(154hrs/mo) to be given a working visa by the udi.otherwise you will be sent home upon the expiration of your student visa(max 1yr non-renewable). But mostly what they offer is only a 20-50 or 60% job and if they offer a job 80% or more, they usually give it to the norwegians or to those who could really communicate and write well. third, it is very expensive to live here in norway. so you must bring with you a lot of money. the public schools where you'll have your cost aroung 1500 for the once a week class and 3500 to 4500 for the 3x/week and 5x/week classes. and you have to pay every after 2 or 3mos for the whole school year.(aug-oct,nov-dec,jan-march,april-june). house rents are also expensive.if you are lucky enouch to find filipinos who own apartments, then you could 1500/for a bedspace.but i tell you those are illegal.
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    documents needed before you leave the country, poea papers and the like, none. you applied for a temporary residence permit to study the language or in short student visa, so you need not to secure a poea clearance or oec overseas employment clearance because in the first place you are not an overseas employee but just a student. Other people from airport offices like the immigration might question your purpose of leaving the country and ask you documents from the poea,just insist that you dont need those.

    it is never good to ask someone about his/her'll get to know when you get your own job. but i tell you, you will be grateful you left the phils or mid east or any other country.
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    i guess as of 2010 or 11, a non-registered nurse ph could no longer apply for hjelpepleier or helsefagarbeider. lucky are those who applied before and now working here.
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    lastly, we are not allowed to work here as nurses until we passed the nursing exam or nasjonalefag.We also need to pass the norsk prøve 3(language test level3 ) and theres a new rule from høgskole or university where we take nursing course that we must also take and pass the highest language exam which is the bergens test.and then after that,the nasjonalefag or nursing exam. they give examination 3x/year only for the norsk prøve and nursing exam and 2x for bergens same.

    Another warning, there are many filipino nurses here who dreamt big and left their careers in the philippines and abroad and were helped by agencies just to get visa and leave the coountry hoping to get a better job here.mostly with student visa but some did not go to school because of high tuition fees.others work as janitors in hotels,schools or houses just to earn money for daily needs.others also are on the streets or parks looking for empty bottles to sell. if you got the student visa,you are allowed to work any king of job but limited to 20hrs/week only. so you are lucky if you can work max 20hrs/week. do not be so enticed by the good words from the agencies because employers here hire workers directly and do not negotiate with agencies esp in the phils. recently, before the phil embassy here in oslo released their statement concerning agencies in the philippines, we called the attention of a certain agency called Global Pinoy Consultancy because they were misleading and misinforming our fellow filipino nurses.
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