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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   mitchayganda
    why do you need to certify your passport?
  2. by   giftdonna
    Quote from mitchayganda
    why do you need to certify your passport?
    cause in the requirement for study permit, it says "A certified copy of a valid travel document (passport)", Anyway what copy did you submit in the embassy? My interview is this week so I double check my requirements
  3. by   gemsky
    @ giftdonna, for SAK authorization requirement, you need to have your passport certified / notarized but for submission to embassy for visa application, they only need clear photocopy of your passport. The embassy personnel will check and compare its authenticity with your original passport if it is really the genuine reproduction of it. Good luck!
  4. by   cara28
    I am working in riyadh as a nurse and i want to apply in norway as student visa.anybody can help me how to start my application?which is better to inquire embassy in riyadh or in the philippines?i have a copy of application for authorization form and license as health personnel is this the same application for student visa or different?
  5. by   wyndz
    Quote from Karlito RN
    1 week , showmoney = 665k , visa fee = 19k , house rent = 7k
    Hi karlito.. I'm from phils. I've been here last 2010, I got my authorization last feb 2011 as auxiliary nurse. But sad to say, I was not able to continue my application for a visa. Because we lost our contact/communication with our teacher. She's the one who help us to process, and she's in Norway. She was filled by case of illegal processing maybe.

    But now, I want to try my luck as DIY process, I just wanted to ask if authorization has an expiration? I think resident permit to learn norwegian language visa, I need to apply. How do you get your house rent? What school are you preferring? And ask for sample of your study plan.

    Thank you in advance. Hope you can enlighten me, cause I already lost my hopes in processing my Norway due to our teacher.
  6. by   Karlito RN
    whats your email? i'll send my study plan.. yes authorization has an expiration.. i have a cousin in norway that's why i get an apartment easily..
  7. by   gretah
    Hello guys. Just want to ask. Is it true that the embassy is not releasing the visa anymore. I want to clarify as per my sister's friend told her. Thanks for those who will reply
  8. by   Karlito RN
    1month and still no visa.. w8ing game
  9. by   giftdonna
    @gemsky...thank you!

    according to the interviewer it will greatly help if you include the authorization on the documents that you will submit in the udi ( in case you have one). The processing time will be 5-6 months but hopefully they will change their minds and process it faster. lets just pray for it. God Bless us all
  10. by   gretah
    what do you mean @giftdonna is it the SAK authorisation you mean? thank you!
  11. by   giftdonna
    Yes @gretah
  12. by   Karlito RN
    authirisation is not included in the new list ??
  13. by   silvermouse008
    I am a nurse here in the Philippines and currently working in a government hospital. I want to apply for a study visa to learn Norwegian Language as a course. Can anybody help me on my applcation. Thanks!