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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please send me an email or pm ... Read More

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    hi..been reading the thread..its a big help.. thank you guys and most especially for those who are willing to help. i just want to know if there's someone here who's an au pair in norway and trying to process their papers? is being an au pair there will be an advantage? hows the processing will goes since youre already in norway..hoping that someone can help me.. im a nurse aide in singapore and planning to work as an au pair in norway..thank you so much

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    why cant i find this page? ;(
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    Quote from r.u.serius
    Got facebook?
    Search for Filippinsk Sykepleiere
    i couldnt find the page..
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    hi guys.. how long does it take to learn the language.. ive searched the language and it seems to be very dificult. the spelling pronounciation and everything..
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    Hello i'm a rn here in philippines and plans to study in norway. My question is if i take another course instead of continuining my nursing education in norway which is said may take another two years. Would that two years applicable for another course like engeenering? I'm just loosing the passion to pursue nursing. Ihatemyjob.
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    hello everyone! thank you for this wonderful certainly is very helpful. like most of you here i am planning to go to norway. please can anyone tell me the accredited Norwegian school here in the Philippines? how much and how long is the course?
    thanks so much guys...
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    please please help me.
    i would like to apply as a nurse in norway.
    i have send my application for authorisation and waiting for the response.
    should i be required to learn the norwegian language first prior to my registration?
    please help
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    Hi leela_fille! There are no accredited norwegian language schools in the philippines, but I'm not saying that it is unwise to enroll yourself in a norwegian language school prior to coming in norway. Once you get here in norway, it doesn't matter where you have studied the language back in the philippines, as long as you can speak and understand the language. Anyway, will you have a student visa to come here in norway?
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    Hi ruthdimple88! What are you registering for? You are not required to learn the norwegian language first if you're applying for autorisasjon or the visa per se. Of course it is important that you learn the language, it's your weapon here in norway. But as far as registration is concerned, you need not learn the language first.
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    hi i am nurse from Malaysia but they give me license for Helsefagarbeider but do you know how much i have to study to get license to work as sykepleier

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