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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

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    I guess we're too far then. Hahaha. I'm from Cebu. Anyway, I haven't applied for a visa yet. As for the license, even if we don't have a SAFH license yet, we are already considered skilled workers. As per definition from UDI, skilled workers have "university education. The requirement is a completed degree or study programme. Examples include nurses, engineers, Bachelor or Master's degrees". SAFH license only grants authorization for us to practice our profession in Norway. Are you also a nurse? How many years have you been working? Do you already have the requirements for the visa, especially the information about housing?
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    Actually, I only have 8 months of hospital experience from our province in Samar .How about you? So, when do you plan to apply?. No, I don't have it yet, but I am already doing some research . I guess its not that hard to find accommodation if you have money and if you already know when are you arriving there . Now, I m just more on research. Researching for language school (which gives me headache by the way coz it's really expensive!), accommodation near school so lesser fare expense?. hmmm, what else? I guess these 2 are the most important. . Have you find yours already?school and accommodation?
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    I don't have any hospital experience yet, I just passed the board exams last July. I'm planning to apply this January, hopefully. I don't have any problems with accommodation since I would be living with my aunt in Egersund. As for the school, maybe I would enroll in Egersund voksenopplæring to minimize fare expenses.
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    wow! you are lucky to have an aunt living in Norway . Good for you . at least you can focus on learning the language while you're in there. I agree, the tuition from the adult courses that are offered by their kommunes are half the price of what the private language schools offers . The only problem is that they can't give you an assurance that they can give you slot on the spot. sometimes you need to wait for a minimum of 1 month before you can start your lessons. hehe. Maybe you ask your aunt for another option because you need to show the embassy for a proof that you are already accepted in a certain school?. I'm not sure though about this.
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    I already took up language classes here in Cebu. I can fairly speak Bokmål now, so I guess they can't backbite me easily. Hahaha . I think the embassy doesn't require you to enroll first in a certain school in Norway. Actually, that's also what I thought. Then a friend told me that they only require a study plan from us. He recently applied for a visa and he was granted one without enrolling in a school first. You could check for references on the requirements. So when do you plan to apply? Do you already have a study plan?
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    Hello! I am also planning to go to Norway and I was a June 2012 board passer. Is it really ok to go there even if you no hospital experience yet? And what is the process in order to go and work there? Sorry if the questions is spoon feed but I called the Norway embassy and I didn't understand the process. I hope you guys can answer. Thankies!
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    The only thing I don't have is the show money. hahaha. Once I have, I'll apply and process my papers immediately. Wow. that's good. You won't find it difficult to adjust when you're there already since you already know their language . So, what's your study plan now? knowing that you have a background on their language. )

    Please check and read this site Residence Permit to Learn Norwegian (Skilled Workers)
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    So you also have the information about housing already? I could show you my study plan. Just add me on facebook, KhenThoi.


    I guess we're on the same boat. I was also a recent passer of the board exams last July. I also don't have any hospital experience yet. I guess it wouldn't matter since we still have to study their language first. What visa are you trying to apply for? Jobseeker or Student Visa?
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    I already sent friend request on facebook
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    Hi! Sorry for the late reply, been very busy lately . I already accepted your request and sent you the study plan, just check it out.

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