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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   ichineemarie
    if your main goal in going to Norway is to be General Nurse, it will definitely take you 2-3 years of study plus Norwegian language courses to get a license and find a job. If you don't want to study 2-3 years more, then just opt for being a health care worker in Norway - you just need to study their language for a year, you can have an authorization as health care worker anytime you want but for you to get a job you need to learn the language. Authorization takes 6 months to process, you can do it here or in Norway, you don't need any clinical experience but of course it helps I guess... basic requirement is to be a college graduate and must hold PRC license here

    I hope this helps you decide on what to do

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  2. by   ichineemarie
    Quote from ruthdimple88
    hi everyone!!

    i just wanna ask if you know anyone who could help with accomodation letter?
    im planning to apply as a student in norway to study the language, i have already completed my requirements aside from my accomodation letter as i dont know anyone from norway. i didnt want to go for agency coz they are charging me a lot.
    just the accoomodation letter and i will just find a place when i get to norway.
    pleaseeee helppp!!


    I am also planning to apply for a residence permit visa and this is also a problem of mine. Unfortunately, if you do not know anyone in Norway you will not have an accommodation letter which states that he/she is inviting you to live in their house/apartment for free.

    If you're looking for another way to have information about housing (the requirement) then you can use a lease contract to present it in the embassy. I opted to do this because although I know someone in Norway, I can feel that it will be difficult for her since she is living in a "collective" type of house.

    you can find apartment for rent in this website FINN Eiendom - Bolig til leie
    expect to pay 3 months deposit in any of your choice, I have used this website too as this offers the most choice regarding apartment type, monthly rental and place, unfortunately, none of the ads I contacted had given a feedback yet
  3. by   ichineemarie
    Quote from jassiiu
    hi i am nurse from Malaysia but they give me license for Helsefagarbeider but do you know how much i have to study to get license to work as sykepleier
    According to SAK, your credentials from your education will be compared to that of Norwegian standard, if your credentials from school fails to meet the Norwegian standard, they will ask you to study 3 more years even if you already have license and working experience from hospitals there in Malaysia, I think it's a new rule as for sykepleier
  4. by   ichineemarie
    hi! I'm also planning to apply for Norway but I don't have a study plan yet, do you mind sharing it with me? I'll just try to understand something about it... if you don't mind I'll add you up in FB too, I'm from PH too by the way
  5. by   mitchayganda
    hi guys I am applying a student visa to learn Norwegian language and I will have my interview on Friday I have my requirement almost complete except for written study plan...can anyone help me please It will be of great help TIA
  6. by   mitchayganda
    hi did you get any?im searching for a good study plan too
  7. by   ichineemarie
    Quote from mitchayganda
    hi guys I am applying a student visa to learn Norwegian language and I will have my interview on Friday I have my requirement almost complete except for written study plan...can anyone help me please It will be of great help TIA

    What school do you plan to attend in Norway? I do have study plan guide, I can send it to you if you like, just message me your email address. How about your information on housing? you have relative there?
  8. by   imchineemarie
    Is anyone here aware of the change regarding healthcare worker? They used to give autorisasjon as auxilliary nurse but now they call it healthcare worker. Did anyone already passed their requirements or this?
  9. by   JuanFats
    Hi everyone..Im a nurse here in cebu wanting to apply as a nurse or axillary nurse in norway...but i dont know anyone there. can you please help me where to start?
  10. by   imchineemarie
    You dont have to know anyone in Norway - although it helps, of course - how about starting with the requirements?
  11. by   khent
    Hi Jeffyanne! Yup, I just enrolled myself in a norwegian language school when I got here. It's a "voksenopplringssenter", and most, if not all, kommune (municipality) has one. It's sort of a public school here. Fees are cheaper, but it doesn't mean that it is not expensive (around 15k php for the one I attended). Anyway, you can try enrolling in folkeuniversitetet. Fees are quite expensive, but I think you can enrol yourself online to that. I hope that helps.
  12. by   mitchayganda
    hi ichineemarie, my cousin will accomodate me during my stay, she already enrolled me in a school in Sunde she said.Im so nervous my interview is tom .I will send you my email and I will really appreciate if you can send your study plan
  13. by   imchineemarie
    Hi! I dont have a study plan yet, but I do have a format
    Pls do send me your email address i'll send it to u asap