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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   khent

    So you also have the information about housing already? I could show you my study plan. Just add me on facebook, KhenThoi.


    I guess we're on the same boat. I was also a recent passer of the board exams last July. I also don't have any hospital experience yet. I guess it wouldn't matter since we still have to study their language first. What visa are you trying to apply for? Jobseeker or Student Visa?
  2. by   allison_1327
    I already sent friend request on facebook
  3. by   khent

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply, been very busy lately . I already accepted your request and sent you the study plan, just check it out.
  4. by   dalagangpilipina17
    @allison_1327 Thank you very much!

    @khent probably in student visa but the only problem is where in Norway I can stay. :***:
  5. by   khent
    hi dalagangpilipina17!

    so you don't have the information about housing yet? when do you plan to apply?
  6. by   dalagangpilipina17
    @khent yes. I'm totally clueless . I plan to apply at least this January. How about you?
  7. by   spicyallen
    hi all nurses!

    GOOD thing I was able to browse website regarding jobs in norway. My friend told me that norway needs a volume of nurses. problem is i am clueless of the process as in I will start from scratch. Hope you can guide me and by the way my question is what are the requirements and is there a need of an agency??? how about the language I read that you must learn there language first. also how much money will I spend? thanks much!
  8. by   khent

    I also plan to apply hopefully this month, if ever I complete my requirements.
  9. by   khent
    hi spicyallen!

    You don't need the help of an agency. In fact, the embassy does not encourage that. As for the requirements, check this website Norway - the official site in the Philippines. Hope that helps.
  10. by   giftdonna

    I would like to ask if how long does the processing takes? I paid my giro last august and still now I have not yet heard anything about it. I'm starting to get worried. Will they e-mail/mail you? Hope you guys can help me Thank you!
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  11. by   buttons7891
    im nurse from tacloban city, id like to applying in norway but i really don't know the process, i was reading your threads previously but really cant understands i would like to apply for a working visa in there since i have 2 years experience already as an icu nurse.can you help me with this?thanks!
  12. by   mountainspring
    I inquired in this office who gives assistance and you have to apply for there visa which allow you to stay there for one year and look for a job and learn there language.I was told to prepare PRC card,PRc certificate,birth certificate,school credentials like diploma,RLE,OTR,all authenticated and a bank cert of have to pass these documents to there embassy and get interviewed and pass the interview.You have to pay the visa fee of 19k online thru credit card and if you recieve the invoice you pay again thru net the SAFP or PRC Norway for 10k.I was asked to pay 60k for the assistance fee from assisting you with fixing all your documents,mock interview,some materials for learning the norwegian language,passing job applications in norway,assistance in looking for accomodations,airline etc.The fare,pocketmoney and rents will be shouldered by you..So maybe you will spending more than 200k just to get there.I talked to a guy who recieved all the documents he needed to go to Norway and he said he got all his documents in less that 6 months.
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  13. by   lastace5
    to mountainspring

    Im new in this thread..and interested to apply as auxillary nurse to norway. MAy i ask what is the name of the agency did you inquire for this? thank you..