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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   Arianeruth
    hi ms orig! ill be in Cebu on november 17! ill be starting to have my norwegian language class in there by november 19. wew! hope we cud meet jan.. PLEASE add me in fb.. ArianeRuthOpsimar . thanks much! GODBLESS US guyz! Ajah! ^^
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  2. by   misheee_08
    Quote from ognirg
    Hello mishee_08! Thanks for your response. Have you begun your language study yet? Not to mention, your application for aux nursing to Norway? Where in the Phil are you located if you don't mind my asking? By the way I am from Cebu.

    Hi! I havent gone to any language training yet.. i am from davao..
  3. by   misheee_08
    Quote from Arianeruth
    i see.. hahaha! wew! meet and talk bout the processes?! SURE WE CAN! that wud be nice! hihihi! i graduated in UM ms Work SPMC.. formerly DMC.. please add me on fb.. /ArianeRuthOpsimar Steriane here.. sorry i used another account. forgot my steriane accout kc. di na ako mkalog in. kaya i created a new one . hehehe.. GO GO GO!^^

    Already added you on fb
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  5. by   Arianeruth
    owryt! wait.. ill accept your req. ^^
  6. by   nurse_pogi
    [QUOTE=NorwegianNurse;4503802]We have two different types of nurses in Norway. Through high school (two years in school, two years as an apprentice), you can be a what we call a help nurse. To work as a nurse, you need a bachelor in nursing. There are a few jobs as help nurses in hospitals, but it's mostly nurses who work at hospital now. But in nursing homes, they need both a lot of help nurses and nurses. In more rural places (and in the north), they need a lot of nurses too, and some work places you get a lot of perks.

    If you are from a country outside the EU, you need to fill in an application form to get the authorization and licence to work as a nurse/help nurse. If you want to work as a nurse, you need higher education and they have to compare your education with the Norwegian education.

    The agency is called The State's Office of Authorization for Health Personnel (SAFH).

    Good luck

  7. by   nurse_pogi
    Quote from nes09
    i also attended a consultancy firm regarding residence permit visa to learn the language.
    And i must say the amount they were asking for their "consultancy" was too much.
    I was planning to go the same path, but i had no relatives in norway.
    When i consulted my relatives in other eu nations, they said agencies and consultancy should not be trusted, and encouraged me to make an online application instead.

    My only problem was the accommodation since i was applying on my own and not in a group. If someone here is going to push through with online application, message me, maybe we can share accommodation. I'm definitely pushing through with my application online.

    hi i also want to apply with this program and thats also my problem .i think we need to recruit lot of people who are interested with this program and lets form a group and help each other what do you think
  8. by   nurse_pogi
    Quote from misheee_08
    hi! I havent gone to any language training yet.. I am from davao..

    hi just want to ask if there's an examination for language proficiency in norway before you get hired in a home care ?? And which is better studying norwegian language here in mania or in norway because one consultancy firm told me that norwegian embassy required applicants to study the language in norway . Please help me to decide if i should go or not ty
  9. by   dane.confused
    Hello everyone. Just wanna ask how to pay the invoice? im frm iloilo. ur response will be great help. Thank u!
  10. by   dane.confused
    hi evamore.
    just want to ask how to pay the invoice thru telegraphic transfer? safh doesn't provide their beneficiary acct name, acct number and address. can i pay it by using IBAN and SWIFT code only?thanks
  11. by   JACOB ABRAHAM
    hi i am jacob abraham from india and i would like to know how can we get nuirsing regisration in Norway and work over there. please give me information regarding this matter, if u dont mind
  12. by   khent

    Does everyone here only applied for jobseeker visa in norway? Because I heard that applying for a student visa would be much easier. I already passed my papers to SAFH but I am considering the possibility of applying for a student visa.
  13. by   allison_1327
    Hi guys! I have a question . Do I still need to process papers for SAFH even if the visa I'm planning to apply is residence permit for skilled worker to learn Norwegian?. Then, maybe while studying in Norway, I'll get to fix my papers for the authorization? Is this possible? Im just wondering. Hope to hear from you guys. Thank you so much.

    and @Jacob Abraham: I'm not so sure myself, hehehe. I suggest you backread and try to visit this site, English " Hope this one helps

    goodluck everyone