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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

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    feb. 20, 2012

    good day every1,

    if ever i completed my all requiremnets for jobseeker for norway, how long it would take the process and to get the visa. i am a skilled worker (nurse).

    thank you,

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    h!, i just want to ask the steps in applying nurses in norway. im currently working here in jeddah as a staff nurse and im interested to work there...tnx
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    Hello auspicious_princess

    Did you apply for an authorisation as an auxiliary nurse or a general nurse. Did you apply for a license (temporary license while looking for a job) or a real authorisation? How did you mail your documents coz it sayd it should not be registered mail. I just want to know the documents will surely and safely reach safh .

    Thanks a lot,
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    at robocap:
    uhm, i paid it through BPI..
    You need to have a bank account in BPI. I think its dollar account..
    But if you have a peso savings account in BPI, maybe you can try to ask the manager of the BPI if they can allow you if its okay in peso account and then just debit it through dollar conversion rate. BDO has also telegraphic transfer, but I chose BPI because I knew someone who also payed for it through BPI, so I just asked him. God bless.
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    1)i'm trying po to gather requirements for SAFH license I'm confused where to get this po

    confirmed copy of declaration from the Philippines health authorities confirming that your education satisfies EU-directive 2005/36/EF regarding general education"


    "Certificate of Current Professional Status as a confirmation that you have valid authorisation without limitations in the Philippines - not older than 3 months."
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    hi guyz!! learned a lot from this thread.
    i juz passed my application to SAFH as an auxillary nurse
    wid d asssistance of an agency. 8s bin almost 2 weeks now and im still
    waiting for the invoice (giro)..
    is there any way for me to find out if SAFHhas received my application already?
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    @ bettyboop09
    ur ryt, i cant send a pm yet.. as for ur question, d agency is
    global summit consultancy services. BTW, wer r u frm? =)
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    Quote from hawk24
    @ bettyboop09
    ur ryt, i cant send a pm yet.. as for ur question, d agency is
    global summit consultancy services. BTW, wer r u frm? =)
    Is this the same agency you're referring to?

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    im sorry about that.

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