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Hi frens! Just today I got the CES evaluation result. Now I can register for NCLEX exam. What is the next step to get the ATT? Plz help........... Read More

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    Hi Faithful pau !
    Did u appear for the NCLEX exam?

    Can I get the RN license after passing my NCLEX exam with dependent (f2-visa)? If u have any idea plz suggest me fren !

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    Moved to the International forum

    As mentioned in the other post a lot will depend on the state and whether your dependant visa will allow you to work. Be aware of visa retrogression and the inability at the moment in a lot of cases of changing status and being able to work (a lot will depend on finding employer and what immigrant visa category you file under)
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    Long time no talk, About what you said? I'm afraid I don't understand what you meant? Appear for the NCLEX? Can you clarify more.

    If its about working with VISAs and all, I really don't have that much of an idea on how everything goes, but I think Silverdragon102 is right, its does depend on the policies of your selected state whether you can work with an F-2 Visa or not, and it is true that there is a VISA retrogression as of now, this is why it will be a difficult path towards attainment of another VISA, particularly a working VISA... But as I've done, never lose hope..
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    Ya it was about working with dependent visa fren...Thanks a lot for ur quick response!
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    As far as I am aware you can not work on a F2 so even if you have license you can't work without either immigrant visa or work visa
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    Hello fren!
    I got my ATT and scheduled for my exam on 5th july!!! So panicked!!!
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    Hi @ Himal
    As i was going through, i realize that we both have the same case. I am also on dependent visa f2. I have a RN license already. What are u up to now?


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