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(IEN) I need help about the ENTRY-TO-PRACTICE COMPETENCIES... - page 5

My CNO application has finally arrived and they told me that I did not meet the program requirement for registration as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. The CNO even told me that they compared my... Read More

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    hi simarpal, i have the same issue. I have to do 120 competencies. what references did u use? ur help will be greatly appreciated.
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    HI there,I am currently doing my CAS now,please can u help me how to go about with it.thanks waiting to hear fro u.
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    hi Kaurharleen,I am currently doing my CAS too, please can u help me on what to do.
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    Hi Gagan,
    I am also stuck on some of the competency issues and not sure how to do it. May be you can guide me on what references did you use? so far i have only used CNO website.
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    Please remember to use standard English in your posts, as advised by the notice immediately above the comment box.
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    hi there can some one please help me how to go about this question # 2 RPN cas, collaborates with client across the lifespan to perform a holistic nursing assessment.
    thanks for the help
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    Hi Kawaco,looks like you have done your assessment.How did you go about it?I am currently doing mine,I will appreciate your help.thanks
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    hello, please i need help with the competency assessment supplement (CAS) how do i answer the questions just by giving exemples? or please i really need your help
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    Hello AngelHernandez, are you applying for RPN or RN? You didn't state which one.As for your question, really I personally don't understand what CNO wants their candidates to write cos those ain't questions to me, but as they have stated...you have to provide examples.
    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    hi gagan i hope you have done with your CAS and hopefully RN test too. please advise me about CAS i got it yesterday, please need your guidance
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    nav28, not sure if you are aware, but care for internationally educted nurses (care4nurses org) offers CAS 3-day workshops at their Toronto location, according to their website there is one coming up in August.