WHNP Certification Question

  1. So, I am set to graduate in May with an MSN from a master's entry program. I will be a new nurse as well as a new WHNP, so I want to work as nurse for a while. I will take the certification exam when I graduate, but I do not have intentions of working in thre role if WHNP. My question is how the certification works..how many hours would I need to keep my certification current or what would I have to do to recertify in a few years if I decide to?? I'm struggling with this issue and really need some guidance! Thanks!
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  3. by   jer_sd
    look at http://www.nccwebsite.org/Certificat...e/default.aspx

    Basically you need to submit 45 hours of CEU with 15 in your specilty. There is talk about changig to continued competency but that has not been established yet.

    Keep your WHNP-BC when you get it, even if you do not work in the role you never know when you might need it again and certifications are hard to reinstate if they change elig requirements.

  4. by   heavnsangel79
    I was just at the NCC website and I think that all 45 CEU hours need to be in women's health. Do stay certified though, because you never know when you will need to use your WHNP-BC. Also, if you do not get your 45 CEU hours you will have to take the cert exam again!
  5. by   traumaRUs
    The other thing to consider is: how tight is your job market? By that I mean, that in one-two-three years later, you might find it hard to find a job because you won't really be a new grad, but you won't be an experienced WHNP either.
  6. by   heavnsangel79
    I agree with TraumaRUS. It does depend on your job market. Some employers may want you to be experieced as a WHNP...and you will have experience, but as an RN. I say get the experience as a nurse first. Crawl before Walking.