What states are hiring new grad NPs?

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    What is the job market like for new grad NPs? Is it as bad as for new grad RNs? What states are hiring new grad NPs? thanks

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    That is too broad of a question to answer. It depends on specialty and often rural vs. urban locations. I think it is best to look for job postings in your area and see what kinds of jobs are listed.
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    I'm a new grad NP and it has been a challenge looking for a job, at least here in California. It is so discouraging after all the time spent in NP school. Anybody knows of any opportunity in the bay area, please send me a message.
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    Finding a job is very challenging especially in the present climate. There is a lot of competition from PAs (Drs tend to prefer them in my area- long story...) Anyway, a good place to start is to look at the website for NPs in your area- here it is HANP (Houston Area Nurse Practitioners.) There is also a site called "indeed" where you can type in your zip and look at jobs that way. You might want to consider travel. I worked for a company that let me work 7 days on and 7 days off- (Comp- health.) It was flying back and forth but it was a job. You didn't say if you live in a rurual or urban area but approaching a busy Family Practice might be fruitful. They may be really busy and have not really considered what an NP can do for them. You would have to make an appointment and sell yourself. You could see patients, make hospital rounds, half days on Saturdays- this might really be attractive to someone who is really busy or someone who is getting older and wants to slow down a little.keep in touch and let us know how it goes...Good Luck!
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    My specialty is ANP Primary Care. I went to every job listing website and have applied to a few without success. To top it off, there is not a lot listed out there. I have been to a lot of interviews but only up to there. When it comes to the decision point, I dont get it. It is so frustrating. I am considering going back to be a RN. Travel NP? Will that work as a new grad?
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    I would certainly try it. It is very challenging right now in the job market.I think there is a glut of NP ( at least in my area) and PAs seem to be preferred.
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    I remember a post a while ago about a new
    NP getting a travel job at an urgent care center in western MA and loving it. Good luck!!
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    If your willing to move there are Jobs. Mostly rural though.
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    Quote from SycamoreStudent
    If your willing to move there are Jobs. Mostly rural though.
    This is true in every state. Except maybe in states that requires supervision for new grads like some of you guys said
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    There are a lot of postings in the career area on the AANP website. Also, my state NP association has a number of postings. And lastly, the school I went to had potential employers contact them all the time with jobs openings, which the profs would forward to us.

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