Suggestions for studying for the ANCC Adult-Gero Cert Exam

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    I am going to be sitting for the ANCC Adult-Gero certification exam in approximately two weeks (FYI, I took the AANP and didn't fair so well). Nevertheless, just looking for some suggestions for prepping for this exam. I have the Fitzgerald CD's and her book, that's it. Anyone out there took this new exam yet (it began Jan.28)? I hear it has multiple choice, choose all that apply, point and click, etc.

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  3. by   reddgirl
    Are you serious?! Oh Dear Lord! I would have literally died! Try to get your hands on APEA, Liek, and Claborn. You should also take a review seminar if you can.
  4. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    If you had difficulty with Fitzgerald's material, I recommend considering Tom Barkley's courses. He offers both live courses as well as home study. I used his materials for the acute care exam in late 2011 and found that the material he covered was pretty much what was tested. Money well spent . His home study materials aren't cheap BUT he claims a high pass rate on the exams. His website is Barkley & Associates Certification Review/Clinical Update Continuing Education. He does offer materials for the adult-gero exam as well as acute care and several others.

    Good luck!

  5. by   mmk130
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I signed up today on -- as they have actually just recently added specific questions geared towards the Adult-gero NP exam with ANCC. The price was good (marked down) and then you can add SAVE-ABPX for an additional 10% off. I did the practice exam for free and now have 5 tests of 100 questions each to do. I hope this helps! Let me know if anyone else has tried these test questions and if you found them helpful.

    Good luck to all and thanks again
  6. by   AWiler
    I'm so glad you asked about this! I work for ANCC, and our Credentialing Knowledge Center (the branch of ANCC that produces exam prep materials) just came out with web-based practice test question and answer sets to help prepare for this exam! 90-day access to 100 questions is available for each Adult-Gero NP exam for $115. ANCC Online Educational Review Products

    Anita Wiler, ANCC Marketing
  7. by   mmk130
    Thank you Anita!! I found them )
  8. by   jbrzycki
    I attended the Barkley & Associates review course and found this to be very beneficial for focusing my studies. Barkley is largely geared toward the clinical aspects of the test but the study book does have a few sections on gero, research, ethics, etc. I took the ANCC adult/gero primary care exam at the end of June 2013 and passed the first time but I really had to take my time and think through each question to make sure that I understood what they were asking for.

    I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the ANCC practice questions from their website ($115) and you may also like to purchase the "tips for answering questions" program ($25). I "failed" all of the practice tests that I took by about 1 or 2 points toward the end of my studying (73-74% on ANCC practice tests) and was a gigantic mess before taking the exam but in the end I passed. I attribute my passing to taking my time, not overthinking questions, and just doing the overall best that I could. I am SOOOOO happy it is over. Good luck, hang in there.

    I suggest taking a Barkley diagnostic readiness tests (DRT) before you start studying so that you know how to tailor your material. DO NOT go too easy on the communication, medicare, research, ethics, etc. portions of the material as I felt that these sections made up a MAJORITY of the ANCC exam as outlined on their website.
  9. by   tth34a
    Hi mmk130, how did you do on your test? I plan to take the ANCC adult gero in couple weeks too. What would you suggest?