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I just got accepted into a psych nurse practitioner program....However, I now have a second thought on accepting it after talking to a couple of PA and MD. I was told that unless I have some sort of inside track, it would be... Read More

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    Quote from mwg60
    Hey Zenman and RobRN,

    Guy working in psych as an RN and just started a Psych NP program; are either of you in a program yet? The workload so far is doable, but was wondering if you heard of the implications of Dep't of Education Code 600.9 for online programs? Seems like this could put a quick damper on online programs. As usual I find the nursing faculty to be a little on the ****** side.
    I'm working as a PMHNP. Never heard of code 600.9 but with all the positive research on distance education I don't personally think they are going anywhere. I find nursing faculty in both types of programs to be both good and bad.

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    Very helpful post, thanks!!! Hey Viola (or anyone with some insight). Im an aspiring PMHNP looking to apply to a program for Spring or Fall of 2012. In terms of work experience right now-Im working a per diem Occupational Health contract until the end of September but Im looking to apply for a new position starting in October. Do you think it would be beneficial to work as an NP in an internal medicine clinic?? Ive been looking for specialties to apply to and if this will assist me in managing psych pts w/comorbid conditions maybe I should start there???
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    On a lighter note.... in this economic crisis we are in, I'm sure by now positions has popped up! good luck!
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    Does anyone know the job market for psych NP's in South Florida? My background is in psych (adult and children) / substance abuse/detox/ Trauma -Neuro-Medical ICU. I love psych but I also love complexity and the acuity of being a floor nurse in the ICU. Trying to decide should I take the medical NP track or the psych NP track. What do they get paid and what are the job prospects for both? Seems like everyone is going into the medical NP area but few job postings for psych NP's.
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    Quote from TraumaRN21
    Trying to decide should I take the medical NP track or the psych NP track. What do they get paid and what are the job prospects for both?
    I think I answered your question. I would say Medical Track. More jobs and more flexibility. You can go back for psych NP later. You can get settled after being done with medical track, then work part-time while going for DNP in Psych NP route. Since there is more jobs, there are more options for going part-time with medical track.

    I am a new grad. During my job search process, some places even hire FNP for Psych NP jobs. I know it is not right. It will be impossible the other ways around even though I get some ambulatory care training in NP school. Some detox places hires FNP. Again, you may be hired as a FNP for H&P consult in psych Facility. Then you get to do both.
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    Get it! People talk, you will be an RN with a masters. You can teach, own business,etc
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    Demand for different specialties varies by area. We have more openings for psych NP's than for FNP's. Your decision should also address exactly what type of work you want to do. If you want to do any type of therapy you should go for the Psych NP. If you only want to do med management you can get away with the FNP in some situations. State laws may dictate if or by whom you should be precepted as a new grad. If you want to work in psych you don't want to be precepted by a family practice or other medical specialist.

    Good wishes!
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    Not true. In general, there are obviously much more opening for FNPs than Psych NP. See, you can search for tons of job for FNPs, but very few psych NP positions in most states. Only few jobs posted for psych NP and many jobs are by the words of mouth. However, the demand is high for a few areas of the country esp. at the areas where states law dictates that NPs practice within their specialty. Most don't. If you want to live in those very few states and want to prescribe psychotropics, then you need to be certified in psych. Also, I read the laws that in certain environments eg. ACT team/state facility, psych cert is required. I would go for FNP for more jobs, higher pay in some specialties, and flexibility in changing specialty and wider scope of practice; otherwise, you may have to relocate. Additionally, even in a "independent" practice state, there are many things in psych legal procedures that psychiatrist can do that psych NP can't do. Most employers still prefer to have psychiatrists than psych NP so this limits the job opportunities in certain setting and also salary cap. I don't think this applies to primary care physician VS FNP in an independent practice state.
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    Please note that I stated that demand varies by state. I'm in an independent practice state. There are more openings for Psych NP's here than for FNP's. There are more openings for NP's than for psychiatrists. There are also many more FNP's graduating here and many who have been unable to find employment without relocating to very rural parts of the state. The FNP's that I know who work in psych settings are doing the H&P's and medical management of patients.

    Again, the original poster should be aware of the demand in the state(s) of interest. If TraumaRN21 is interested in an acute care position he/she should be aware that there is a move to limit practice in acute care settings to ACNP's. Thisnk very hard about the kind of work that you really want to do and look for the specialty that will best prepare you to do that work.
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    Harmonizer exactly what states are you talking about and are you a Psych NP? "Most employers still prefer to have psychiatrists" Did you mean some or most?

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