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I work in a hospital and see patients (usually) just a few times when they are inpatient and I have no follow up with these folks after discharge. Occasionally there are those people who you just seem to form a bond or... Read More

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    It's a very bad idea. Boundaries between personal and professional relationships need to be crystal clear.
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    I agree with Imarisk2. It's hard to care for patients who become friends. There is always the chance that the relationship offer is not what it seems. Hate to be so cynical, but years of life teach me to be careful. And she gave you an out "if it was appropriate with your job". FYI-It's hard sometimes to care for friends who become patients, too.
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    I am in the "don't get involved" camp.

    I realize that every one (the pt/the significant other/you) involved intends the relationship to be totally independent from work. But, what happens if something happens? What if something happens to the patient during the rest of their stay? What if something happen during a future stay to either the pt or their SO? The fact that one was your patient could put you in a very uncomfortable position.

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