Preparing for the AANP exam

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    Does anyone have any advice on preparing for the certification exam? I will be taking mine in about 6 weeks

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    I took the kellerman course and did questions for four solid days and passed.
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    I took the Barkley course, have the Maria T. Liek book, APEA CDs, and Claborn. I am waiting on my authorization to test within a few weeks!:uhoh21: Nervous is an understatement!
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    I used APEA CDs and workbook and Fitzgerald book.....I passed my exam today!
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    Congrats folks
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    Do you feel the AANP questions looked more like APEA or Fitzgerald? To me, it seems that Fitzgerald has some pretty oddball questions that are deep in patho. APEA is more straight forward and to the point.
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    I think it helps to have a variety of study materials/books. However, on the AANP exam there were several Fitzgerald practice questions from the book on the exam- word for word. So definitely use that one too. Good luck, you will be great!

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