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Part time and job search

  1. 0 I am interviewing for a part time job in a primary care pediatric practice. Since I really need to be working full time, even if I accept this job I will continue the job search until I find a full time position or another PT job that can mesh with this one. The question is, do I need to be upfront about the fact that I really want FT, that I will still be looking, etc.? Or can I accept the job knowing that I may be leaving shortly?
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    Jobs can be hard to come by, I would go ahead and interview for it.
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    Oh, I am definitely interviewing for it. My question is whether I need to be upfront about the fact that I will be continuing to look or if I can accept a job without telling them that I plan to leave as soon as I find something FT.
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    I would be upfront in the interview and ask about the possibility of full time in the future. If the answer is no then you know you either need to find a second part time job or skip this one and look for one full time job.