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NYU Master's Program

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    Just wondering if anyone had any information regarding NYU master's program? I'm looking at options for going back to school and NYU is one of my top choices. I live in Jersey and just a short commute away from the city. I would like to hear if anyone has actually gone through the program and if they liked it. Obviously, the program is a pretty penny so I want to explore this option thoroughly. Any advice is appreciated

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    Hi!! I'm looking for similar info for NYU MSN programs. Any stats, work experience, volunteering, gpa, etc? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    They have admission criteria on their website. I've been wanting to hear from a student who's already enrolled in the program for their true opinion. Do you know anyone JerseyGirl2010?
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    Hi shuccrn!
    I don't know anyone unfortunately, but I went to NYUCN Open house for Masters programs this passed week. I was able to get some great info despite arriving late (��). I have a non-nursing undergrad degree from Rutgers and I'm currently enrolled at a comm coll RN program; my Rutgers gpa is very low and I was honest about that with the presenter. She recommended that I take one or both of the pre-reqs @ NYU as sort of a caveat to my situation. It would be a pretty penny but I'm single and once I start working as an RN, it will probably be do-able. Also, she emphasized the importance of recommendation letters (one should be academic and the other professional) hope that helps! Are you affiliated w/SHU by any chance?
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    Did any of you end up applying/attending NYU for MSN? I applied in December and am waiting to hear back