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  1. Hello. I am curious if anyone knows a NP who works on a hospitalist team. I have been offered a position (after I graduate from my program in 6 mths-yeah!) to be a part of the hospitalist team, but this is the first time that they have ever had a NP working in the hospital. Therefore, they are not completely sure as to what my true role will be. I was told that I would handle H&Ps on admissions, certain ongoing care during a patient's stay, and DC notes. I am interested in knowing what the responsibilities are of NPs currently working as hospitalists. Your input is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Mimi2RN
    I went to a seminar a few months ago, the first speaker was a NP hospitalist, covered Nicu ad did some peds, in a hospital back east. She went to deliveries, did resus., admits, H&P's. Seemed like everything our ped hospitalists do. Sorry that I can't tell you any more than that.
  4. by   agrn2000
    Thank you, Mimi2RN. Your information was helpful.
  5. by   lalaxton
    Hi There!
    My first job out of NP school was with a group of hospitalists! They were great and I learned so much!
    I did admission H&P's, some follow-ups and DC's. I also took care of most of the patients in the sub-acute/rehab unit.
    Great job, good luck!
  6. by   agrn2000
    thanks, lalaxton! Sounds great!
  7. by   NoleNurse2000
    I actually am graduating next month and have just accepted a position as a NP with a hospitalist group (1 of 2 in my very small state). As you mentioned above, I will be responsible for H & P and initial orders upon admission through the emergency department, rounding on patients daily, and discharges on those patients I have been assigned with this ~6 physician practice.
    good luck with finishing your program and graduation.

  8. by   PennyNP
    I work as a hospitalist with a neursurgery practice, and I love it. i have learned a tremendous amt about Internal Med issues, trauma, and neuro. I make rounds on non-SICU pts, do discharges, see pts in the clinic, education, first assist, do consults, see pts in the ER, I do minor procedure like apply halos, remove ventric and lumbar drains and do spinal taps. Good Luck
  9. by   agrn2000
    Thank you for your information, PennyNP. It was very helpful. Can you tell me what your work hours are? Do you take call or work on weekends? Also, do you have an idea if the pay is about the same or more than a NP position in an outpatient clinic? I am asking these questions because most of the NPs where I live work in a doctor's office, and according to the average salary for NPs here is between $62,000-66,000. I will also have a meeting soon to discuss all these issues, and I thought it would be helpful to get an idea of what your position includes. Thanks again for your input!
  10. by   agrn2000
    Woops...PennyNP, I just read your other post in the ACNP and hospitalist role topic, and you already answered my questions about your work hours, call, and weekends. But, if you (or anyone else) have any input about my salary question, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!