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  1. I'm a newly graduated NP in the process of looking for my first NP job in Texas. Recently I was asked by a possible employer about NPI, DEA, DPS, and Medicare numbers, and I'm realized I'm confused about the process of getting these numbers. Can I get any of these numbers on my own before signing a collaborative agreement? I was under the impression I need to have a collaborating physician for all of these. Also, if anyone could clarify the steps/timeline for getting these numbers I would really appreciate it (e.g. what do you need to get first etc.). Thank you!!
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    NPI -

    DEA -

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    I too am a newly FNP graduate. From what I understand, your NPI is your Medicare number. You will need to apply for your NPI, DEA, then DPS. The DEA number allows you to write rx for "daily medications" (BP, COPD, ASTHMA, ect.), DPS allows you to write for narcotics (in Texas we can not write for schedule 2). I took my ANCC boards 10/12, have already received my certification from them and Texas BON recognizes me as an APRN/FNP. I have an added benefit of the practice I am in that they have a billing service that has aided me in a lot of this. Talk to some local NPs and see what they recommend. FYI... Your DEA # is $731 for 3 years, may want to negotiate into your contract /sign on bonus/ect. Hope this helps, post if you have more questions.*
  4. by   sailornurse
    your NPI is your Medicare number.NPI number is different from your Medicare number. NPI(National Provider Identification) formerly known as UPIN, you can apply for online.
    The DEA number allows you to write rx for "daily medications" (BP, COPD, ASTHMA, ect.), You do not need a DEA number if you are not going to prescribe controlled substances.
    DPS allows you to write for narcotics (in Texas we can not write for schedule 2). Other numbers you may be asked for is CAQH number, also you can apply online. If you are new grad, the credentialing staff will apply for NPI, CAQH, Medicaid, medicare but you need to apply for DEA. Depending on what state you live in, you may have to get the state pharmacy license (Texas it is DPS) then apply for DEA.
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    Does anyone in Texas know the timeframe for return of the DEA license in Texas after online application? The website states 4-6 weeks but I have heard it is much quicker. Thanks!
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    Prescriptive Authority:5 Steps to...DPS - Coalition for Nurses in Advanced Practice

    This may be helpful to anyone that is currently in this process. It's a little outdated, but still good overall information. My credentialing person for my new job is not very helpful and I'm finding myself doing everything anyway. I applied for my NPI and got my number within the hour. I am now waiting for DPS (up to 6 weeks) before I apply for DEA (which a friend said took her 4 days to get). Be sure to read about having your collaborating physician add you as a delegation on the TMB website prior to sending in DPS or it can be returned to you.
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    Hi, I also have a question regarding DEA. I'm currently not working, and am looking for a NP job. I was asked by one of the employer to get my DEA before I can start or even being hired. But as my understanding, we need a "practice address" for the DEA application. I asked during phone interview that I'm eligible to apply for DEA, once I'm hired, then I'll have a practice address to complete the application. But the recruiter replied that I can't use their address for this. I must have DEA before they can hire me. Can someone help me to figure out this question? I'm in AZ. Thanks in advance.