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NP to work for Preventative Health

  1. 0 What kind of RN work or Masters should I pursue if I'm interested in Preventative health? I want to work with people who are either in their active phase of their healing or in their preventative state. I appreciate your comments. Thanks.
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    Why don't you look up "health psychology" programs and see if that is what you're looking for? I don't know if an MPH is exactly what you want.
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    I think you want to work in a health promotion/disease prevention capacity. Because those programs/approaches don't necessarily involve clinical skills, I would think an MPH would serve you better than becoming an NP.

    I think the above poster meant 'behavioral health'.

    You could always take a 'preventative health' approach to your patients if you became an FNP.
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    Quote from zahryia

    I think the above poster meant 'behavioral health'.
    Nope, "health psychology." You can get a Ph.D. in it if you like. Check it out.