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    Hello, all:
    I am interested in UM flint DNP program, but have heard that the students have to find the clinical sites by their own. Any one here is in the program can put some thoughts on finding the preceptor.

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    I will advise you to go from office-to-office. Thant's how I got my clinical sites. Also, ask friends if they know someone. Finding clinical sites is one of the hardest things I had to do in NP school. Good luck.
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    For MUSC's DNP I will be able to choose my own sites. I am fortunate that in my hospital one of the doctors was an FNP and she teaches at MUSC. She has already agreed to precept me when the time comes.
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    Are you wanting acute care or primary? I am at Wayne State University's ACNP-DNP program. They find out NP sites for us, but the DNP sites you find yourself bc they apply directly to your CIP. I'm in my last year finally. If u have questions , feel free to inbox me :-).
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    Thank you, DNPstudent. I want the ability to do either. I will certainly keep you in mind. Good luck to you! Have any prospects yet?
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    Hey fellow Michiganers . Try joining the Michigan counsil of NPs. They have a section for preceptors on their website .
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    U Mich - Flint only has ANP, FNP, and Psych NP. I see a lot of primary care practices with FNP's around the greater Flint area when I used to visit there from Detroit. I do see competition from SVSU NP students though so best thing to do is prepare and call and book prospective preceptors way in advance. Tina's tip on MICNP is a good one...MICNP has a Flint Area/Central Michigan Chapter. As a former ACNP student in Detroit, even though our preceptors were arranged for us by the school, I didn't find it hard to look for NP's willing to precept on my own. All the hospital systems in the Detroit area have NP's in a wide variety of practices from ER, IM, ICU, Cardiology, to other specialties.
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    Hey Juan, you must have attended Wayne State. Seems like they are the only ones around here that find preceptors for you. And it is a shame to say the least. Another thought would be to go on the hospital websites, scroll through the NPs and email them to see if they are interested. It is so hard to find preceptors. My so called best friend cancelled on me a week before clnical started. Sigh. It is truly hard. I don't even start my job until July and I already had two ppl that are starting their programs ask me to precept them. It amazes me how quickly NPs forget what a struggle it was to find a site.
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    I did Tinabean and I precepted Wayne State and U Mich Ann Arbor students while working at a hospital in Detroit.
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    I was going to go to Wayne but they told me I could not start clinicals until 2012...that was in 2009. So quite naturally I did not go there, LOL. I did like that they found sites for you though. Where are you now?

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