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NP current and future job perspective

  1. 0 Are NPs job market are being saturated as RNs? Im about to start my BSN-DNP in Family Practice. As we all know nursing is currently being saturated with RNs and jobs are difficult to come by therefore my question is will this be the same for NPs?
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    I have asked the same question but unable to find an answer
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    Really, really depends on where you live. If you are willing to relocate, there are jobs. I'd argue that in this economy, the NP market is actually pretty damn good, especially if you compare it to other fields. However, there definitely are oversatured markets. As FNP you will have a lot of flexibility, but you'll be competing against a lot of other people, since most NPs are FNPs.
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    My family and I hope to put down our root maybe in FL or CA so I don't know how the job market in CA mainly in SD area.
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    At least here, job market is ripe for NPs Nd very tight for RNs.
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    As a new grad np I'm getting many more interviews than I ever did as a new grad RN. I'm even getting unsolicited calls com people who saw my rsum posted online. No job offers yet but I hope that changes soon!
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    That's good to know. Something I have look forward to. I will not be picky as new NP as long as the pay is descent.
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    agree. In the bay area the job market is an absolute nightmare for RNs, but not as bad for NPs.
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    I wish you the best of luck, but keep in mind that it's difficult to predict the job market 2-3 years in advance. When I started nursing school they were still touting the nursing shortage and there were plenty of jobs for RNs. That changed completely by the time I finished school. If your heart is set on being an NP then go for it, but how the job market looks today really has no bearing on how it will look when you get out of school.