Interview part 2?

  1. So Im going for my second interview which will be with physicians(good sign right?). What should I expect? Any advice. Im a little nervous just b/c in my first interview when I asked about how the relationship is b/t physician and NPs, the manager basically said "were working on that"
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  3. by   tryingtohaveitall
    I would want her to elaborate more and I would probably ask the MD's re: their working relationship with the NPs. Remember the interview is a two-way street to find out if you're a good fit. GL!
  4. by   Lovanurse
    I agree with the above post. Don't be nervous. This is your opportunity to interview also. Write down what's important to you and ask questions. DEFINITELY ask about support if you are a new NP. If the MD's aren't interested in collaborating with you when you need it, it may put you in a tight spot and may even jeopardize your license. Remember, they kinda need you or they wouldn't be interviewing you. Good luck:-)
  5. by   Aussierules1985
    I like these comments so far. Getting a job is important, but so is knowing the MD has your back.
    Mine does; priceless. I know a couple minutes isn't exactly fully getting to know them, but its better than just meeting a manager.

    p.s. my first job i met the manager and signed bc had waited long enough for a job, i think i got lucky.

    inevitably your future is up to you, you can get a job somewhere else even if this is your first, just you may have to move.

  6. by   mammac5
    In my experience, physicians like to talk. I would ask things like:

    What do you see as the challenges to the physicians in this practice in regards to working alongside nurse practitioners?

    Have you ever visited a NP for your own healthcare needs?

    What length of time do you think is reasonable for a new NP to be oriented to a new practice? What sort of orientation program is already in place in this practice?

    Does this practice follow modified scheduling for providers new to the office, such as seeing 2 pts/hr for the first week, then 3 pts/hr for the rest of the first month, etc. to build up to a full schedule?

    Will I be assigned a medical assistant to work in collaboration with me and my patients?

    I think these types of questions can give you some idea whether or not these physicians are familiar with NP education/training/work, whether they respect NPs, how much preparation they have put into hiring/orienting/nurturing a new provider, and whether you will be given whatever is left over in the way of MAs OR WORSE...if they will expect you to be your OWN MA.