If I become a neonatal NP, will it be hard finding jobs outside of hospitals?

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    I'd be more interested in working in private offices or clinics.
    The hospitals in my area are hectic!
    I just don't know if that is an option.

    Also, should I expect to be on call as a neonatal NP (no flexible hours)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    NNP programs educate people for roles in the NICU -- not for doing well baby check ups or primary care for pediatric patients or NICU follow-up. If you don't want to actually work in a NICU, then it is probably the wrong education and certification for you to pursue. If you want to work with older children in a pediatric setting, then get a PNP (or maybe and FNP). Why would you even want to pursue an NNP if you don't want to take care of NICU patients?
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    I have never seen them outside of a NICU unless they were in pure research academia.

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