How much did you work your final year of school???

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    Right now, I am just picking up 8 hr shifts weekly, as our census has been low. I applied and have been asked to interview for another hospital to be in their resource pool, minimum 24 hours per week. It is a contracted position for 14 - 20 weeks. We could really use the money, but I don't want to screw up and take a new job and hurt my last year. I will graduate in May 2013.

    So far, things are going well, but like I said, we can use the money.

    Our instructor keeps saying people should not be working, but some of us still need to.



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    Are you online or on campus? I am still waiting to start school on line. I'll have to work initially but plan to cut back to the bare minimum if I can. Can you work strictly per diem without a contract for minimum hourse? It must be tough to manage clinicals and a job. Guess I'll find out soon enough! Good luck!
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    I worked about 20 hours per week, though I took PTO when I could. How many hours/week will you need to do for clinicals?
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    I worked about 15-20 hours a week and everytime I was at work I was thinking about how I should be studying! I thought it was too much for me but I had an older friend in the program who worked 40 hours a week, clinicals over night 1 day a week and she survived and never complained. It's all about what you are willing (and need) to do. I needed what little money I made so I kept that job until two weeks before finals and graduation. I had been at that job for 10 years and they were very good to me schedule wise.
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    I think it largely depends on your circumstances - in my situation I was able to work 40+ per week throughout my entire NP program. I went through the NP program full-time (finished in 5 semesters). It worked for me, but I know it isn't necessarily the right arrangement for everyone. There were people in my cohort who were able to quit working entirely and there were a couple of us who continued to work full-time - most people did something in between (we all graduated together). I had a flexible work schedule and had some amount of flexibility in my clinical schedule (14-18 hours per week). My wife stays home with our kids, so I didn't have to worry about childcare. Good luck as you find the right balance!
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    Thanks everyone.

    This semester we need 225 clinical hours. For the first part of the semester, I have had clinicals on Mon, Tues & Thurs, class on Wednesday. By mid-November I will just have one clinical day and one class day. I will be able to bank some hours towards next semester, as I think I will have about 20-30 more hours than I need this semester. I have been working on Friday. But, our census is low, and since I am supplemental was cancelled last Friday, and I just have a feeling that more of my work days may be cancelled.

    For my last semester I need 300 hours, so about the same arrangement. 3 days of clinicals, one class day.

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I will be OK if I worked more, we sure could use the money, just barely getting by. At least it is 24 hours weekly and not 36 hours a week. I am also a little nervous about starting at a new facility, but the one I am at is cutting back to the bone. But, I also have thought of continuing to "tough it out" until I graduate as hopefully it will be here before we know it.
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    Im working 36 hours a week and 16 hours of clinical a week. When I am on break I work 48 hours a week. I graduate may 2013
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    You guys are animals! I stand in do you do it??? You must be smart and under 50, lol!
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    20-30 hours per week (10 hour night shifts). Then I'd shower and go straight to clinical.
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    I graduate in May and work 32 hours a week and 17 hours a week for clinicals. I would prefer to only work 16 hours, however 32 hours is considered full-time and I need the benefits. It isn't my ideal situation, but it is doable.

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