How long before job offer extended?

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    I have interviewed with everyone for a job at a nearby hospital. I know people on the inside who have said that I'm the most qualified candidate for the job. They need to hire 5-6 PNPs ASAP. Their head PNP said she hoped I would come work for them.

    I know it's not a given, but it seems like a pretty sure thing. How long does it usually take before they will call and let me know?

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    Keep looking until you have an offer..there are often delays.
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    Yeah - for my first APN position, I interviewed with the practice manager, then two weeks later, the MD President of the practice, then another two weeks, the other mid-levels...then I shadowed one of the NPs...then I waited another three weeks, got an offer, I countered the offer, they went back to the docs again and finally we came to an seemed to take forever! lol
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    Ok, good to know. I am definitely impatient and realize this is an opportunity for growth in that area. Then I start worrying... lol. Glad to hear this isn't unusual. I just know how needy they are for APNs and thought they'd be in more of a hurry.

    At what point do they check references, before the offer?
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    I took about 8 weeks to get an offer from one practice that I interviewed for, and 30 minutes for another. There is no way to predict. Good luck.
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    Thank you, that helps.
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    In my experience (and I've worked in 4 different hospitals as an NP), the job offer comes in less than a week after the interview but the wait for getting references called, background check, credentialing, clearing with HR, etc. can take months so the date of hire comes much later than the day I was told I got the job.
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    Yup, that too. I was offered my current job on 8/20/08. I remember, b/c it is my spouse's birthday and we were out celebrating when the call came. I counter offered and eventually accepted the job about 3 weeks later. However, my official date of hire was 12/19/08 because it took HR and the credentialing committee that long to get their ducks in a row!
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    Quote from tryingtohaveitall
    At what point do they check references, before the offer?
    I've always been told that I'm hired before the background checks. They will also ask you to consent to the background check and this is going to cost the hospital money so they will not proceed with this if they're not interested in the candidate. Of course, they'll say the hiring is contingent on passing background checks. References are typically called before the job offer but I've had references called after.
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    Thanks for your input. Any advice on countering? How long do you usually have to accept or counter?

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