Hospital NPs: What's your specialty?

  1. 0 Just curious. I know there are probably a lot of ACNPs, but I wondered what other specialties were working at the bedside.

    I'm in a program that pushes its grads toward primary care NP roles (and preferably towards its own NP program). But I have no interest in primary care, so I'm trying to get info on other NP options.

    In case I decide to do that.
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    No response eh? Well, I'm an ACNP and work exclusively in the hospital. I am part of a nurse practitioner + surgical resident team that provides 24-hour coverage of the hospital's Cardiothoracic Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

    We are under the Department of Surgery, Division of Acute and Critical Care Surgery. We round daily with an intensivist attending (usually a surgical intensivist) and the cardiothoracic surgery attendings.

    We provide medical management of fresh post-op hearts and lungs (CABG, valves, aortic grafts, heart transplants, VAD's, lobectomies, pneumonectomies, lung transplants).

    We are credentialed to perform invasive procedures - triple lumen central lines, Swan-Ganz, arterial lines, temporary dialysis catheters, chest tubes, thoracentesis tubes.

    The downside is that we work shifts and some weekends. We usually do not work holidays as the residents work those days.

    Our model is not unique to this hospital. I've met other NP's and PA's who are involved in the same kind of work in another metro area in my home state as well as in other areas in other states when I am out networking during educational conferences.
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    I graduated from an FNP program but have always worked in an inpatient setting. Previously with hospitalists and now in cardiology.
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    I graduated from an ACNP program and will be working in Hospital Medicine as a Hospitalist NP.
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    Quote from lalaxton
    I graduated from an FNP program but have always worked in an inpatient setting. Previously with hospitalists and now in cardiology.
    Did your FNP program include inpatient clinicals?

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